Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

‘Happy with order, but guilty should be hanged’

Ravindra Singh, father of MBA student Ranbir Singh who was killed in a fake encounter in Dehradun in July 2009. (Source: PTI) Ravindra Singh, father of MBA student Ranbir Singh who was killed in a fake encounter in Dehradun in July 2009. (Source: PTI)
Express News Service | New Delhi | Posted: June 7, 2014 4:45 am | Updated: June 7, 2014 7:55 am

On July 2, 2009, Ranbir Singh told his family he had received a call regarding a job vacancy at Kotak Mahindra. The 22-year-old, who had just finished his final year MBA exams, was excited when he bid goodbye to his parents, saying he would meet them next at home in Dehradun. The next day, the family received a call informing them that Ranbir had been gunned down in an encounter. Since then, it’s been a long wait for justice for the parents. Finally, on Friday, a local court held 18 perpetrators guilty for the fake encounter.

“They said my son was planning to commit a crime. How could they do this to a 22-year-old just because he answered back? I am happy with the court’s judgment, but they deserve to be hanged. That is the only way my son will get justice,” Ravinder Pal told The Indian Express.

The story dates back to July 3, 2009, when Ranbir and his friend were taking a walk. At one point, his friend went to relieve himself while Ranbir waited by the side of the road. That’s when the then SHO Gopal Dutt Bhatt approached on a bike and asked Ranbir what he was up to. Ranbir reportedly told him he was waiting for his friend, but the situation got out of hand and a scuffle ensued. A PCR call was made and more personnel were called in.

While Ranbir’s friend fled, Ranbir was taken to the police station and later to Tezpur jungle in Dehradun, where he was allegedly gunned down.

Had it not been for an ironing lady who found Ranbir’s driving license, which reportedly fell out when he was being taken to the jungle, the case may never have come to light. “She informed local reporters, who informed an uncle. He then told us about the incident,” said Satbir, Ranbir’s brother-in-law.

The court is slated to pronounce its judgment on Monday. “I want them hanged, all of them. They tortured my son… I want them sent to the gallows” said Pal.

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