Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

EXPRESS 5: An investigation on communal riots, ordeal of a 20-year-old victim

Here are five exclusive stories from The Indian Express that you must read. before you begin your day. Here are five exclusive stories from The Indian Express that you must read. before you begin your day.
Express News Service | New Delhi | Posted: August 5, 2014 9:18 am

Take a look at these Express stories before you begin your day:

1. UP SHAME: A third of all “communal” incidents recorded by police in Uttar Pradesh in the 10 weeks following the Lok Sabha election results have occurred in — or on the fringes of — 12 assembly constituencies that are scheduled to go to polls over the next few months.

Over 600 ‘communal incidents’ in UP since LS results, 60% near bypoll seats, special report by Appu Esthose Suresh

2. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: The former ADJ in Gwalior, who has filed a sexual harassment complaint against Madhya Pradesh High Court Judge S K Gangele, has claimed that three other judges also abetted the alleged harassment by interfering with her day-to-day sitting in the court.

READ – Three other judges abetted harassment, claims ex-Gwalior district judge

3. ORDEAL: A 20-year-old BA student, a former part-time teacher at a madrasa in Meerut’s Sarawa village, has alleged that she was abducted from her residence, forcibly converted to Islam, and gangraped in another madrasa in Hapur.

Ananya Bhardwaj and Amit Sharma report: Former madrasa teacher alleges forced conversion, gangrape

4. OPINION: If ever there was a compelling case for RBI to cut rates, it is today with CPI and WPI month on month inflation below 5 per cent for last six months.

Will the RBI cut rates? It should, by Surjit S Bhalla

5. FROM GLASGOW: Pistol shooting in the United Kingdom is on the wane — as seen during the CWG — after strict gun control was imposed following shooting massacres in the 1980s and 90s.

Why the guns fell silent, Exclusive story from Glasgow by Shivani Naik

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