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‘Exorcist’ held for torturing Kerala woman to death

Written by Shaju Philip | Kollam | Published on:July 22, 2014 2:59 am

The Kerala Police have arrested an ‘exorcist’ in connection with the alleged murder of a woman in Kollam district.

The police believe arrested 42-year-old,  Sirajudeen, was employed by the woman’s father to ‘evict a demon (djinn)’ from her body.

Along with Sirajudeen, who is known for running a black magic business in Kollam district, the woman’s father and an agent, who allegedly set up the meeting, have also been arrested.

The police said Haseena (27), a native of Thazhava in Kollam district, died at a hospital last Sunday, but the hospital management did not inform the police. Investigating officer K A Vidyadaran said the police, after receiving an anonymous tip, reached the woman’s home just as her body was being taken for cremation and took the body for post-mortem.

Two days later, the police arrested Haseena’s 60-year-old father Y Hassankunju, and retired Arabic teacher M Abdul Kabeer (56), based on the post-mortem report which said the woman was tortured to death.

Abdul Salam, a friend of Haseena’s in Thazhava said she had been suffering from a mental illness for the past 10 years. He said the family had visited Kabeer, who took them to Sirajudeen. Sirajudeen’s was hired six months ago. His treatment sessions were usually held late at night, during which he allegedly tortured Haseena.

Her post-mortem report said she died of a fracture on her vertebral column and heavy internal bleeding.

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