Chhattisgarh sterilisation tragedy: Despite deaths, 26 more tubectomies were done in one hour in another camp

Officials suspect non-sterilised equipment, spurious drugs; law flouted as women of protected tribe also operated upon.

Written by Ashutosh Bhardwaj | Bilaspur | Updated: November 13, 2014 9:12 am
The grieving mother and sister of Chaiti Bai, a member of the protected Baiga tribe. The grieving mother and sister of Chaiti Bai, a member of the protected Baiga tribe.

Even as the women who underwent laparoscopic tubectomies in Takhatpur reported complications and were admitted to hospital on Sunday, the government went ahead with another sterilisation camp in Gaurela hospital of Bilaspur on Monday. If 83 women were operated upon in five hours in Takhatpur, 26 tubectomies were done in an hour in Gaurela — about one every two minutes.

One woman who was at the Gaurela camp died on Wednesday, while at least 20 have reported post-surgery complications. Fifteen were brought to the Bilaspur district headquarters today.

The woman who died has been identified as Chaiti Bai, a Baiga — a protected tribe. With their population showing a dip over the years, the state government has banned the sterilisation of members of this tribe, who are primarily forest dwellers. Several schemes worth crores are being run for their welfare.

Yet, Chaiti was among the women taken to the sterilisation camp. At least one more Baiga woman, Mangli Bai, who also underwent the operation in Gaurela, is reported to be critical.

“I don’t know anything about the operation. Mujhe kya pata usne kyon karvaya (I don’t know why she did it),” said Chaiti’s sister, Lalli Bai. Their mother, Nan Bail, stood outside the mortuary of the Bilaspur district hospital with her granddaughter crying in her arms. They were waiting for the body, so that they could make the long journey home — their village of Dhanauli is about 150 kilometres away. Chaiti’s husband, Budh Singh, was waiting at the village with their other daughter.

As was the case with the Takhatpur surgeries, the two women did not know about the operation. They said someone had persuaded Chaiti to go to the camp.

Meanwhile, the Takhatpur death toll increased to 13 on Wednesday, as one more woman, Shiv Kumari, died at a Bilaspur hospital. Nearly 50 women are still admitted in Bilaspur hospitals, and over 20 are reported to be critical.

Taking suo moto cognizance of the incident, the Chhattisgarh High Court on Wednesday asked the state government to file a detailed report within 10 days. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) also issued a notice to the state government directing it to file a report within two weeks. The Supreme Court, however, refused to take suo motu cognizance, saying “the Chief Minister has taken up the issue with the Prime Minister”.

With their condition showing little change even after over 48 hours of intensive care, the Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences, where many of these women have been admitted, has now decided to examine the matter afresh.

“The matter is now turning very complicated. Earlier, we thought it was a case of faulty procedure that caused septicemia and subsequent deaths. But now it seems that septicemia alone cannot cause so many deaths and severe illness to almost all of them,” said Dr Yogendra Badgahiya, head of Department of Community Medicine, CIMS. Badgahiya will head an interdisciplinary committee of doctors to examine these women afresh.

Suspecting spurious drugs, he said: “All these women showed similar symptoms within hours of taking the two post-surgery drugs. We will also examine whether it was a case of spurious drugs.” The women were given two medicines after the operation — Brufen and Ciprofloxacin.

The Chhattisgarh government on Wednesday banned six medicines that were used during the operations. “The drugs were found to be of suspicious quality,” said a government statement, adding that the samples were being sent to the central drug laboratory in Kolkata.

A team of four doctors from AIIMS also visited Bilaspur today. They spent a few hours at the hospitals and said they were “satisfied” with the arrangements for patients.

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        Health care field in India needs a big shake up. No doubt wehave great doctors, very good top level hospitals of world standard, lot needsto be done for the 80% potion of India who are given fake medicines, fake doctors and phony treatments. AdulteratedMeds are openly sold in big cities with out any body taking action. Companies buycapsules in big quanies, fill them with what ever material available-sawdust, salt etc pack them and sell them. MDS are bribed to write prescriptions.People suffer at large. In nursing homes, gloves are cleaned and reused. Syringes are cleaned and reused. Autoclavesare not found in many clinics.Fake doctors with fake degrees are practicingopenly in big cities. You can imagine what could be the state of affairs inrural areas.Unless, Indian medical council and the government comes downheavily on phony pharmaceuticals, pharmacists, doctors and nursing homes andhospitals, things will not improve.
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          Gopi Chand
          Nov 13, 2014 at 2:55 am
          This shows how abysmal is this state Govt administration. The right hand of Govt does not know what the left hand is doing.
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            Mr Modi what are you doing ?Under Manmohan nose there was many deaths in West bengal. He kept silent and Didi maintained silence.Are you going to maintain silence.The chief Justice of India should step in , setup a special court and try all the officials both elected and bureaucrats under criminal negligence, terrorism , murder charges.officlas should be sent to death.The message to all Medical officers , State officials, Elected CMs and health ministers should go out loud.Same way in the roads millions of EARS are damaged due to reckless Hooting by drivers of Buses, CARs, Bikes, Vans etc. Every time I walk on the road atleast within 1 mile walk atleast 20 times some pierces my ears with a knife or needle. It is painful and I can see it is being damaged. There is nothing I can do.Think about hundreds of millions of school children walking and going to school every day. Are rearing a DEAF INDIA in next 15 years.Take action.
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