Cong ticks off Jairam for AAP praise

Ramesh first said AAP’s emergence was a warning to all political parties.

New Delhi | Published: January 10, 2014 4:34 am

Union minister Jairam Ramesh Thursday came under heavy fire from party colleague and senior AICC general secretary Janardan Dwivedi for his continous lavish praise of theAAP. Dwivedi said such remarks can only come from a person who is not a political worker and has got prominence in the party without undergoing the “rigour”.

“Every Congress worker and every Congress leader is distressed that such a situation has come. They are feeling angry, he is feeling hurt. It may be the opinion of some persons. They may be over enthusiastic. Only those persons who themselves were not political workers and who did not suffer the pain will have illusions,” he told reporters, a day after Ramesh praised AAP.

“They do not know what pain one has to suffer to form a political party and to become a political worker. They do not know how much difficulties one has to face and struggles one has to undergo before he gets an identity. Those whose identities are established all of a sudden can say anything because they have not felt that pain, not undergone that rigour,” Dwivedi said.
Ramesh first said AAP’s emergence was a warning to all political parties. On Wednesday, he said AAP has been raising legitimate issues, was brilliant in campaigning and asked political parties not to write it off as a passing phenomenon arguing that it may get a fair share of votes in the 2014 elections.

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