Bihar teacher jobs went for Rs 1.5 lakh each, groups could take ‘package deals’

Complaints flood govt: Officials at five levels took bribes, cleared fake degrees.

Written by Santosh Singh | Patna | Updated: July 4, 2014 10:14 am

As Bihar uncovers a teacher recruitment scandal in which over 20,000 are suspected to have landed jobs using forged degrees, it is becoming increasingly clear that officials at five levels turned a blind eye, connived or accepted bribes to clear the appointments. There were even “package deals” for “group appointments”.

Yet action against these officials has been slow. Only 12 mukhiyas, who headed committees which appointed teachers at the panchayat level, have been removed for allegedly accepting bribes.

No case has been registered against any block education officer, block development officer, district education officer — officialswho made the appointments at the other levels.

Between 2006 and 2011, Bihar recruited over 1.42 lakh contract teachers for classes I to XII in two phases under Shikshak Niyojan 2006 and Shikshak Niyojan 2008. The only eligibility criteria was a degree or marksheet.

Officials said a verification exercise, ordered after a flood of complaints, suggests that forged degrees may have been submitted by over 20,000 who were appointed teachers. So far, nearly 7,000 degrees have been verified and 779 teachers sacked.

Another 2,734 teachers have been removed after failing twice to clear a competency test. The government suspects that here again, the majority used forged degrees to get jobs.

But even the verification exercise is under a cloud. It is alleged that in many cases, the very men accused of making these appointments — block development officers, block education officers, district education officers, district programme officers — have been asked to verify the authenticity of these degrees.

Appellate authorities received over 40,000 complaints regarding irregularities in the appointment of teachers. This apart, district magistrates and district education officers received over 12,000 complaints of appointments made on the basis of forged degrees.

There were direct allegations against mukhiyas, pramukhs, block education officers and district education officers. In a state with 101 sub-divisions, 534 blocks and 8,406 panchayats, these officials wielded considerable cloud in recruiting teachers.

There were complaints that officials were accepting bribes up to Rs 150,000 to clear appointments.

Teachers were recruited at five levels:

Panchayat-level teachers for classes I to V were hired by a three-member committee headed by the mukhiya.
Block-level teachers for classes I to XII were appointed by a four-member committee under the block pramukh. The block development officer and block education officer had a say.
Corporation-level teachers for classes I to XII were recruited by a three-member committee comprising the mayor, executive officer and block education officer.
At the sub-division level, a four-member Nagar Parishad committee was authorised to appoint teachers for classes I to VIII.
At the Zila Parishad level, the district education officer headed a four-member committee to appoint teachers for classes IX and XII.

Officials said candidates would approach either a mukhiya or BEO and bargain for single or group appointments. A group of four-five could opt for “package …continued »

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