Bihar mass cheating: ‘Happened last year too, no one noticed’

Security stepped up at exam centres after photographs go viral.

Written by Deepu Sebastian Edmond | Vaishali | Updated: March 23, 2015 6:18 pm
bihar cheating, Bihar mass cheating, examination cheating, exam security, exam guidance, Patna mass cheating, Patna matriculation examination, Patna High Court, Patna cheating, India latest news, nation news, India news, national news The photograph of men scaling the exam centre wall, which went viral, forcing the Bihar government to act tough against cheating. (Source: Express Photo by Prashant Ravi)

It was as if security personnel were conducting an area-domination exercise in a Maoist-hit belt. The SP and the DM of Vaishali district have spent the last three days in Manhar, a town where policemen guard the entrance to every street. Everybody is on the lookout for outsiders; civilians assisting the district administration have been given white baseball caps for easy identification.

All this to ensure that around 2,500 girls from various schools of the sub-division can write their matriculation exam in peace inside Vidya Niketan School.

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The four-storey building of Vidya Niketan is familiar to newspaper readers and social media users across the country since last week, when its unplastered outer wall facing a spinach field featured in a photograph that had men scampering up, standing on sun shades and reaching into classrooms to pass on answer chits to examinees.

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Bihar was amused — not because of the sheer audacity of its young men, but because the rest of the country thought it was a news.

“It happened last year, too, but nobody noticed as the images didn’t go viral,” said a local reporter, his camcorder hidden in his trouser pocket. He said journalists have been threatened, even roughed up, in the town since the incident. “On March 18 and 19, boys tied ropes to windowsills and climbed. The rate for taking a chit to a third floor window was Rs 50, Rs 40 for the second and so on,” he said. Across the spinach field lay torn sheets of the state’s famous Malhotra Book Depot and Golden exam guides.

Across the field sat about 15 middle-aged men, local villagers who were there at the request of the district administration to help maintain peace. “You mediapersons have exaggerated what happens every year across the state, and defamed our Manhar,” said Raju Singh.

Cheating during Board exams in Bihar. (Source: Express Photo/FILE) Cheating during Board exams in Bihar. (Source: Express Photo/FILE)

According to him, the incident happened because it’s a girls centre. “Some boy who’s not from here climbed to the top floor to say ‘I love you’ to a girl. When he fell, everyone noticed what was happening,” he said. Villagers said at least two men were injured when they fell while climbing the wall on March 18.

On Thursday evening, Bihar’s Principal Secretary, Education, announced that the exams conducted at Vidya Niketan and three other centres on March 18 and 19 have been cancelled.

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In the background, the school — which the locals said follows the CBSE curriculum but is not affiliated to the Board — wore a sanitised look.

During the conversation, none of the men admit to knowledge about the chits, but there is an eventual admission that something was wrong. “Do you see something like this happening during CBSE exams?” asked an individual who identified himself only as Don bhaiyya. “That’s because they actually teach something to the students. Our schools don’t have teachers,” he said.

The scene of cheating at Vidya Niketan in Mahnaar in Vaihali during the 10th Board exam during the 18 and 19 march. .But after the Patna High Court comment and media hype on the cheating incident in Vidya Niketan,Mahnaar during the 10th board exam, civic society of the surrounding areas to maintain the peace and harmony during the exam in Vaishali district in Bihar on Saturday, March 21,2015. from last two days the photographs of the school goes viral and eveywhere denounced by evey awaken citizen of our country. Two company of police (200 jawans ) deployed in this area to conduct fair examination. (Source: Express Photo By Prashant Ravi) The scene of cheating at Vidya Niketan in Mahnaar in Vaihali during the 10th Board exam during the 18 and 19 march. (Source: Express Photo By Prashant Ravi)

“Without passing matriculation, you are nothing these days. Our boys are not happy with merely seeing the photographs of the girl they want to marry. They want better biodatas and they want their girls to have passed matriculation,” said Don bhaiyya.

A carrot offered by the state government could also be an inadvertent motivator: every girl who passes matriculation with a first class is promised a stipend of Rs 10,000.

There is an ouroborotic effect at work here: matriculation results form part of the recruitment criteria for teachers. “They get poor teachers in the first place. Then they ask them to do a lot of things at once: mid-day meals, surveys and election duty,” said Umesh Prasad Singh, whose niece was to take exam in the post-lunch session.

By then, the first session — matriculation exams are conducted across two “sittings”, with two sets of question papers — is over. Over 1,200 intrepid girls file out of Vidya Niketan, with parents, local residents and police lining up on either side. And to think, that it was all for a second language paper.

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First Published on: March 22, 2015 2:04 am
  1. H
    Haradhan Mandal
    Mar 22, 2015 at 11:28 am
    Bihar is getting synonymous as the 'Mockery of Anything that is/should be Good' - it stems from his love for law-lawlessness in one side and its special love for the particular law - "Buffalo belongs to him, who is the mightiest in the village" - a fragment of mindset that came for the dying and decaying caste-hierarchical order, giving away to a feudal-mafia despotic rule (at the local level) and an ANARCHY at the state level. But to pick out Bihar alone is a mistake. Its neighboring state (WB) may soon surp Bihar in this two-tier system of Anarchy - "Don-Mafia despotic rule (at the local level) and ANARCHY (absence of Governance) at the state level"
    1. S
      Sanjay Singh
      Mar 22, 2015 at 9:25 am
      Better to bomb the state with social, education reforms. The culprit for this is the long sitting MP of RJD who is in the parliament with a false certificate.
      1. G
        garib insan
        Mar 22, 2015 at 11:56 pm
        Cheating karo or 1 1=11 karo. ye teacher log window band q nahi karte.
        1. B
          Boray Sudhindra
          Mar 22, 2015 at 6:11 pm
          An Alternate Strategy to ENSURE Every Student UNDERSTANDS and Enjoy Success through EMPOWERING Text Books. Basically we NEED to RE-FORMAT Text Books in such a manner that a EVERY student should be able to answer any question in his own words - NOT copying. Every topic need to be presented in a 4-Column per page FORMAT. with 9cm width MAIN text, a 3cm Left Hand Side Column giving hints at points ALREDY {previously studied info.} and a 3cm wide Right Hand Column space to indicate where the topic discussed is applied in real life situations etc or an MCQ on this topic for student to think about. the 4th column at the bottom of the page of 3plus9plus3 15cm wide horizantal one to show new words and its meaning that appeared for the first time .Also give answer to the MCQ on this page, This way ALL you need to know about a topic is clearly written and the SQ3R elelents of education are in place in every page! This strategy REQUIRES more work from Authors and different size paper usage by publishers. But COST effective and more FOCUSED presentation, Please TRY . Best Wishes.
          1. A
            Mar 22, 2015 at 12:07 pm
            During the conversation, none of the men admit to knowledge about the chits, but there is an eventual admission that something was wrong. “Do you see something like this happening during CBSE exams?” asked an individual who identified himself only as Don bhaiyya. “That’s because they actually teach something to the students. Our schools don’t have teachers,” he said.............. Food for thought ..................... How many Sangh Parivar wala send their children to English medium instead of Vernaculars? How many Sangh PArivar Wala send thir children to Govt. scholls instead of Private schools? How many Sangh Parivar wala send their children to convents where NUNS teach English medium?
            1. I
              Mar 22, 2015 at 6:41 am
              It is not only cheating. The parents, as I knew, find out the essing teachers and reach them, and manage to get the scores changed, even the toppers' parents
              1. M
                madan gupta
                Mar 22, 2015 at 4:41 am
                Cheating is in the blood of Biharis. Lalu even did not spare animals, ate their fodder.
                1. D
                  Mar 22, 2015 at 2:32 pm
                  Every exam held in Bihar will be viewed with suion. Couldn't this be happening in other bigger exams like UPSC/ IAS, JEE, CAT etc ?
                  1. P
                    Mar 22, 2015 at 6:38 pm
                    Agree copying in Bihar too prevalent years before, but this year BJP/VHP/ RSS/MAHAN DALIT' defeated,deserted, divorced ,separated LIARS, RAPISTS, RIOTERS in the name Hinduvitas, Dalit HANDY AND STAGED DRAMA..... & also sure CRIMINAL MINDED, TERRORIST trained and ped outs of RSS PARCHARAK/KAR SEVAK unauthorized teaching dens INTRUDERS making a mockery of BIHAR, the site of world famous NALANDA UNIVERSITY to
                    1. s
                      Mar 23, 2015 at 1:19 pm
                      now we know how sharad yadav, lalu yadav etc have got degrees in engineering and law.
                      1. C
                        Mar 22, 2015 at 8:40 am
                        Sometime in 1967 The Hindu carried an editorial enled "Uneducated Ph.D's of Bihar", referring to the notorious conditions in the Bhagalpur & Patna Universities. I knew an erudite professor who once served in these Universities. She recounted how she left the state after experiencing home visits from top police officials and even magistrates, all of whom wanted their children to be given extra marks in the examinations! When even those entrusted with maintaining the law, break the law with impunity, what can we expect from common people? Sad to say it, bu it seems that matters have changed little in nearly 50 years.
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