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Bhagwat ‘praises’ Mao for focus on physical fitness

Written by Milind Ghatwai | Bhopal | Published on:February 24, 2014 1:02 am

Their  ideologies maybe poles apart, but that did not prevent RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Sunday from having a word of praise for Mao Zedong.

While conveying the importance of physical fitness, the RSS chief cited Mao and how he inspired a revolution by his regimented approach that involved testing the body’s preparedness in extreme cold and hot conditions. Bhagwat was addressing a gathering at the end of a route march (Path Sanchalan) taken out by select RSS cadres. Several BJP leaders and ministers were also present.

The media was not allowed to cover the event. When the details of Bhagwat’s speech filtered out, RSS minders had a tough time explaining his comments. They said he did not laud Mao’s ideology but conveyed that only a healthy mind can nurture a healthy mind.

Bhagwat told the gathering that his organisation was involved in nation building as the task could not be left to any leader, party or institution.

Responding to the criticism about the RSS gathering, he said the event was not a show of power but to “empower the Hindu society”.

He said the country’s future could be changed only if the leader and public rose above selfish interests and stopped discriminating.
Without naming Arvind Kejriwal or the AAP, he said an atmosphere created by agitations does not last long.

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