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Another crime and rumours push UP town to the edge

The alleged rape took place around 4 pm on Sunday. The alleged rape took place around 4 pm on Sunday.
Written by Siddhartha Gupta | Loni | Published on:August 19, 2014 3:14 am

The alleged rape of a nine-year-old Hindu girl by a 60-year-old Muslim man on Sunday afternoon, coupled with rumours that the girl had died, led to a communal flare-up on Monday morning in Loni, Ghaziabad, with protesters pelting stones and torching vehicles. According to the police, nobody was injured in the violence.

However, at around 11.30 pm on Monday, less than a kilometre from the affected area, a 30-year-old Muslim youth, Jameel, was reportedly gunned down by two assailants. His family has alleged that it is a case of retaliatory killing. The police said they are investigating the matter.

According to Ghaziabad SSP Dharmendra Singh, the alleged rape took place around 4 pm on Sunday. The FIR was registered at 7.30 pm and the suspect was arrested around 10.30 pm, police said.“After the alleged rape incident happened, the victim informed her mother and she came to the police station. The FIR was registered by Sunday evening.

Although we had arrested the suspect by around 10.30 pm, on Monday morning, somebody spread a false rumour that the girl had died,” Singh said. He added that the police are investigating possible links between Jameel’s death and the violence following the alleged rape.

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