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Andhra government employees split, 42% go to Telangana

The formula was worked out on the basis of population of the two states as per the 2011 census.

Written by Ritu Sarin | New Delhi | Updated: June 2, 2014 10:13 am

On Monday morning, over 47,000 government employees will arrive at offices all over Andhra Pradesh to scan through spreadsheets to find out whether they have been attached to the new state of Telangana, or the residual state of Andhra Pradesh.

The final formula for bifurcation of the state’s government employees was worked out by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) on Saturday on a pro rata basis: 58 per cent of the workforce stays with the residual state, while 42 per cent moves to Telangana.

The formula was worked out on the basis of the populations of the two states as per the 2011 census.

The cumbersome process of splitting the government workforce of the original Andhra Pradesh before Monday’s deadline meant that the entire DoPT, including Minister of State Jitendra Singh, worked through Saturday.

“This task of bifurcation of the cadre was upon us even as the new team took over in the DoPT. But by Monday morning, each and every post will be accounted for,” a top official said.

A little over half — 24,838 employees — of the functional state cadre strength of 47,186 will remain domiciled at their current places of work across undivided Andhra.

Of the remaining 22,348 employees, 12,361 will remain with the residual state of Andhra Pradesh, while 9,987 will now be payrolled with the state of Telangana.

Officials pointed out that the sanctioned cadre strength for Andhra Pradesh was 67,714, but some 30 per cent of posts (20,528 posts) were vacant, bringing the current strength down to 47,186. The cadre-splitting exercise follows bifurcation of assets, entities and offices.

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  1. Murali Prasad
    Nov 18, 2015 at 11:46 am
    1. Murali Prasad
      Nov 18, 2015 at 11:43 am
      quick and come 2 proove what is andhrapradesh come and fast join our andhra build
      1. A
        Jun 1, 2014 at 4:04 am
        KCR cannot be given credit for Telengana it was Sonia madam who handed it over to him on a platter. KCR in return turned his back on Sonia after getting Telengana, how can anyone trust aperson who bites the hand that feeds. Telengana people should ask KCR why he has his family getting all the lucrative portfolios, none of KCR family died fighting for Telengana. The innocent gullible people died for Telengana and KCR takes credit for the new state.
        1. R
          Jun 1, 2014 at 11:09 am
          Expect Telengana to go further backwards while Seemandhra powers ahead in spite of losing Hyderabad. It is not the place that makes an eny great but the people. People from coastal Andhra have powered the business and economy of Hyderabad for far too long and will waste no time in taking their capital to a place which is more welcoming. Except the TDP to lower taxes, focus on growth and get on with the job while the rest bicker about a few dozen villages. All said and done, Telengana is run by a mob with misplaced priorities and a sense of enlement.