Monday, Oct 20, 2014

AAP wants tribal rights activist Barla to contest from Khunti

The Left’s criticism of a theoretically unsophisticated AAP says more about its own distance from reality. The Left’s criticism of a theoretically unsophisticated AAP says more about its own distance from reality.
Written by Deepu Sebastian Edmond | Ranchi | Posted: February 6, 2014 1:10 am | Updated: February 6, 2014 6:13 am

Aam Aadmi Party wants prominent tribal rights activist Dayamani Barla to contest from Khunti Lok Sabha seat.

The detail, doing the rounds in the state for sometime now, became evident on a day fissures were revealed in the state unit of AAP. Party workers on Wednesday disrupted a press conference where AAP’s state head Somnath Tripathi was scheduled to announce an 11-member Election Campaign Committee. They were opposing the move to bypass them. “Our party wants to implement Swaraj, whereby decisions are made ground-up. However, the move to come up with a committee without consulting us is not acceptable,” said Amrit Raman, secretary of the ad hoc committee for Ranchi district.
Barla’s was one of the names on the list. She, however, has not yet joined the party. “I am yet to decide whether to join AAP and am consulting those who work alongside me. At the same time, I have been considering contesting elections. I have always believed that one needs to join electoral politics to effect real change,” she said.

The new committee includes name of rights activist Mithilesh Dangi of Hazaribagh. Of the 11, three were members of the Preparatory Committee which is already in place. Party workers are opposing inclusion of the other eight. They allege one of the eight claimed to be leader of a regional party until recently.
Tripathi chaired a meeting at Ranchi’s Ashok Nagar on Wednesday morning, with only 11 committee members invited. Barla was not present at the meeting. “I informed the leadership of the opposition common party workers have against this decision. At the same time, I will abide by the party decision,” said Sunil Mahato, member of the Preparatory Committee.

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