AAP volunteers hunting for a house for Kejriwal in Varanasi

Earlier this week in Varansi for the rally, Kejriwal camped at a party worker's residence in Tagore town. Express Kejriwal camped at a party worker's residence in tagore town while he was in Varanasi for the election rally last week. Express

As AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is going to spend more time in this temple town from where he is contesting against formidable rival BJP’s Narendra Modi, a hunt has begun for a big house by the party volunteers.

“We are looking for a house for Arvindji as he will shift to Varanasi next month,” said party spokesperson Ramanand Rai.

Kejriwal has not been able to zero down on any particular house and has asked the local party leaders to look for one.

Considering that the house has to be big enough to accommodate Kejriwal’s meetings with supporters, party volunteers are looking for a house which has enough space to serve the purpose.

Earlier this week, when Kejriwal was in Varanasi for the rally, where he announced his candidature against Modi, the AAP leader camped at a party worker’s residence in Tagore town.

According to local AAP leaders, after the election in Delhi gets over on April 10, Kejriwal and all the party’s top brass, including Sanjay Singh, Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai, will come here ahead of voting on May 12.

Meanwhile, interestingly, Kejriwal has been asked by Delhi government to pay a rent of Rs 85,000 for the house where he was staying even after resigning from the chief ministership more than a month back.