AAP vigilantism: More trouble for Somnath Bharti as Delhi court orders FIR against Law Minister

Ugandan woman alleged that Bharti and his supporters forcibly entered her house and molested her.

New Delhi | Updated: January 19, 2014 12:48 pm
somnath bharti Delhi court orders police to register FIR against Delhi’s law minister.

More trouble is in offing for AAP minister Somnath Bharti as a Delhi court on Sunday ordered the police to register FIR against Delhi’s law minister and others after a Ugandan woman alleged that Bharti and his supporters forcibly entered her house and molested her.

According to reports, the Delhi court’s direction to Malviya Nagar police comes following the complaint of the Ugandan woman who has alleged that a group of people trespassed into her house and molested her.

The court, reports said, has ordered the police to probe the case and submit their report in the next hearing scheduled on February 14.

Bharti has been under fire over alleged harassment of a groupo of Ugandan women by a crowd led by the law minister in Khirki Extension in south Delhi.

Four African women were forcibly held captiveand made to undergo medical tests to find out if they had consumed drugs on the orders of the Law Minister on Wednesday night.

Bharti had charged that Malviya Nagar police did not ooperate with him about conducting a raid on Nigerian nationals whom he alleged were involved in a drugs and sex racket at Khirki village.

Batting for Bharti after his altercation with cops, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the Delhi Police of “hiding its failures” and not acting on complaints of residents of Khirki village, Extension and Hauz Rani since November last year.

Following the controversy, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Saturday had called a meeting of envoys of African countries and told them that the Centre would take appropriate action.

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  1. A
    Jan 20, 2014 at 1:24 am
    "Citizenofindia" these stupids misguiding us to the way the congress, bjp, sp, bsp, & others have been doing. what citizenof india? most likely a congress or bjp mouth piece.
    1. Ajay Kumar
      Jan 19, 2014 at 8:21 am
      Is it the beginning of "Gunda Raj" by AAP ?
      1. G
        Jan 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm
        Is Somnath Bharti Delhi's RR Patil?We will see more moral policing in Delhi. Bad days for Delhi ahead.
        1. T
          Jan 19, 2014 at 10:34 am
          Good that AAP will learn that anarchy is no subsute to Governance and Arvind Kejriwal should know that Congress offered support without AAP asking for simple thing to divert media attention from Voters are for NaMo and AAP should realise Indira hi ensured Charan Singh became can singh and Rajiv ensured Chandra Shekar also met similar fate. AK is no more honest than Charan Singh , Chandra Shekar or anti congress than George Fernandes.
          1. D
            Deepak S
            Jan 19, 2014 at 7:15 pm
            Dear Dear Kejriwalj!Your Ministers are very right and working for the right things but please tell them that they have to show some patience and restrict themselves from abusing languages. Maybe they do not know but some of the words used by them were really abusive. The word "NEGRO" used by your minister is BANNED in many countries and people are jailed for this. Maybe he doesnt know but being a minister he has to think before he says...he is a public reprsentative...whatever he says is on behalf of the public....It is very good that you are going on Dharna from tommorrow and I think your demands about the removal of those police officers will be met...after A LONG STRUGGLE....but you people are with you...if its so difficicult for the minister and the CM of Delhi to work with the Delhi police...how can AAM AADMI survive? YOU ARE RIGHT...BUT BUT BUTYour Dharna should not end with the suspension of these police officers....YOUR DHARNA SHOULD END ONLYONLYONLYWhen Delhi Police comes under Delhi Goverment......Dont stop the Dharna until you achieve this....Without the Police under YOU.... You cannot do anything....thats the reason the Delhi Police is behaving in this way....they have the support of some Central Ministers and they are making YOU and your Party look like Clowns...If Delhi Police is under YOU....EVERYONE WILL LISTEN TO YOU....ALL THE BEST!!!! DEEPEST OF REGARDS!!!!!!
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