A chowkidar can steal in the darkness of the night, says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul said that his opponents would not be seen in Amethi even a day after the polling was over. (PTI) Rahul said that his opponents would not be seen in Amethi even a day after the polling was over. (PTI)

Soon after Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on his family in their pocket borough Amethi on Monday, Rahul Gandhi hit back saying the BJP’s PM candidate balked at appointing an RTI Commissioner and Lokayukta in Gujarat for fear of being booked for alleged irregularities in providing benefits to his favourite industrial group.

He also warned the people that a “chowkidar (security guard)” can steal in the “darkness of the night” and, more so, when he is the lone guard.

“Raat ke samay chowkidar chori kar jaate hain (Sometimes even guards steal in the dead of the night). It is likely to happen more so when there is only one guard,” Rahul said.

Modi, in his addresses, have been telling people they have chosen rulers in the last 60 years and now they should choose a “chowkidar” who will guard nation’s resources and will not allow its loot.

Addressing a rally at the Anglo-Bengali Inter-College in Allahabad, Rahul said, once the RTI Commissioner and Lokayukta are appointed, “Gujarat ka chowkidar andar ho jaayega (Gujarat’s security guard will be behind bars).” He pointed out RTI Commissioner was appointed in Gujarat in December 2013 only after court orders and still all 10 commissioners have not been appointed.

Rahul said “the self-proclaimed watchman of Gujarat” has been providing benefits to one favoured industrial group at the cost of farmers.

On Modi’s promise on tackling corruption, Rahul said, “They say, they will use computers to prevent corruption. There is no talk of any legislation. When the UPA government comes in power in 2014, we will take up five bills pending in the Parliament against corruption.” He also blamed BJP and other opposition parties for stalling the Women’s Reservation Bill.

Taking a swipe on the “politics of anger”, a theme on which Modi dwelt at some length in Amethi, Rahul said: “There is no anger among our people. We talk of love.” He was campaigning for party nominees from Allahabad (Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’) and Phulpur (Mohd Kaif).