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3 pm today – The PM period: Narendra Modi to address students across the country on Teacher’s Day

DPS Mathura Road in capital warns of ‘strict action’, Bal Bharati in Noida says will test students on Modi speech.

Written by Ruhi Tewari , Siddhartha Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: September 5, 2014 11:19 am
Students of Thane Zilla Parishad School in Saga village of Bhiwandi taluka on Thursday took a television set by boat across the Kalu river from Atali to Nandkar, from where they carried it to school. Students of Thane Zilla Parishad School in Saga village of Bhiwandi taluka on Thursday took a television set by boat across the Kalu river from Atali to Nandkar, from where they carried it to school. (Source: Express photo by Deepak Joshi)

Following the HRD ministry’s indirect, yet unmistakably firm, directive to ensure student attendance for the live telecast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Teachers’ Day address on Friday, schools are resorting to desperate measures — from threatening “strict action” for non-attendance to warning students that they will be evaluated on his speech.

In a circular issued on September 3, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, said, “Attendance is compulsory for all the students and strict action will be taken against the absentees.”

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With DTC, the bus service provider, refusing to accommodate the changed timings, the school on Thursday issued another circular stating that the parents would have to make suitable arrangements to pick up their wards in the evening. The second note also reiterated that “attendance is compulsory”.

The Bal Bharati Public School, Noida, has decided to include questions based on the PM’s address in the upcoming school examinations. “The school will remain closed (preparatory off) on September 5 for all classes. However, for classes III to XII, the key points of the Prime Minister’s address are to be noted and learnt for the school to evaluate the same (during the upcoming examination from Monday),” said a circular issued by the school.

Stating that one question of two marks each will be included in each of the five main papers, it expressed hope that “all parents and students will be hooked to Doordarshan channel on September 5.”

When contacted, principal Asha Prabhakar said, “These days, students understand the language of examinations and marks only, so I decided to test them on the PM’s speech. I think this will help them assess their listening abilities also and force them to think on the PM’s stand on various issues of national importance.”

In its directive to Education Secretaries of all states, the HRD Ministry clearly stated that it would take stock of the number of school and students who viewed the PM’s address. As a follow-up to that, the Directorate of Education, Delhi, sent a note last Friday to all aided/ unaided schools in the capital directing them to make arrangements for viewing the telecast.

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  1. A
    Sep 5, 2014 at 10:25 am
    "Its unfortunate that, the situation and conditions of teachers are alarming in India, which used to be World Guru.Our great Poet has said" Guru Govind Dono Khare, kako lagoon pauan, Balihari Guru Apane jineGovind diyo dikhay-means, Between the God and teacher, one should seek blessings from the teacher, because only the teacher can help one to meet/see God. In today's high tech world, it is proved that, the Sarasvati (the goddess of Wisdom/Knowledge,rules the world and not the Laxmi(the goddess of wealth/Money). Its also unfortunate that, after 67 years of independence, India could not decide its national education Policy and such most important area is left to the states to frame and decide their individual education policies. In all developed countries, most of the research is done in Colleges and Universities, having the best teachers/professors and brains. India is though fortunate to have two of its Presidents (Dr. Radhakrishnan, and Dr.APJ Kalam) from teaching profession, but, the w education policy needs a serious review , and the status of teachers, needs to be given the top priority. We are hopeful, that, our new honorable PM, shall give new direction to the education, and to the status of teachers also
    1. A
      Sep 5, 2014 at 8:59 am
      Well as the PM of the nation he has a right to address students , and as long as it is non-partisan,non-political the opposition need not grudge this privilege.Its very important to channelize the energy of youth & Modi the visionary knows it !
      1. D
        Sep 5, 2014 at 7:04 pm
        Now that the event has gone pl care to watch the speech & Q&A and see how inspirational it was the mobilize students and teachers to move ahead with positive thinking. You will also get some idea on what he is trying to do on policy front.
        1. K
          Sep 5, 2014 at 7:17 am
          Great.The PM wants to connect to the children.Let's see what he says.
          1. P
            Parmod Sharma
            Sep 7, 2014 at 1:40 pm
            A very good Initiative of Prime Minister to have Personal touch with Students of Entire India. But I wish it will be more Good for Students if our Prime Minister could Stop Commercialisation of Medical & Engineering Education by Private Colleges Lobby owned by our Parliamentarians & other Political Leaders just to mint Crores for Forthcoming Elections.
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