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13 Indians have joined Islamic State so far, 6 are dead

According to sources, 17 youths who intended to leave India to join the IS were stopped by intelligence agencies and police forces.

Written by Sagnik Chowdhury | New Delhi | Updated: August 4, 2015 7:31 am
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Following A high-level meeting held in New Delhi on Saturday to discuss the threat of Islamic State (IS) radicalisation, sources said that as per fresh government estimates, a total of 13 Indians have joined the IS so far — six of them have died. The 13 included some Indians residing overseas.

According to sources, 17 youths who intended to leave India to join the IS were stopped by intelligence agencies and police forces. The youths hailed from Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states.

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“Among the seven alive who are still with the IS are an Australian citizen who is originally from Kashmir, two of the four youths who left from Kalyan, one from Bengaluru, one from Telangana, and one each from Singapore and Oman,” said a source.

The two youths from Kalyan are Fahad Shaikh and Aman Naeem Tandel, who went with Areeb Majeed and Saheem Tanki to Iraq and Syria in May last year. Majeed returned to India in November 2014 and was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), while Tanki has reportedly died.

Adil Fayaz, who hails from Kashmir, is believed to have joined the IS after completing his MBA from Australia’s Queensland University. Fayaz’s case came to light when the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation told the Intelligence Bureau in March 2014 that he was among over 600 Australian citizens, mainly of West Asian origin, who were serving with jihadists in Syria.

Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali, a Tamil Nadu-born Singapore resident who left for Turkey along with his family on January 22, 2014, had disappeared across the Syrian border and is believed to have joined the IS. “However, of those alive, only one youth from Kalyan is engaged in active combat, while the others are believed to have been assigned menial and odd jobs by their handlers,” said the source.

Among the six Indians who are reported to have died after joining the IS are: Saheem Tanki from Kalyan, who reportedly died in a suicide bombing in the northeastern Syrian city of al Hasaka in January; Sultan Abdul Kadir Armar from Bhatkal, who was reportedly killed during fighting at Kobane on the Syria-Turkey border on March 6; Indian Mujahideen commander Muhammad ‘Bada’ Sajid from Sanjarpur in UP; and Haneef Waseem, a student from Hyderabad who had gone to London for higher studies and reportedly died fighting in Syria.

Another Indian jihadist reported to have died fighting overseas is Anwar Husain, a one-time minivan driver from Bhatkal, who was killed in 2014, fighting alongside jihadists near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Last month, Twitter accounts of known IS sympathisers had reported the deaths of two other Indians in Syria. They were identified only by their pseudonyms, Abu Talha and Abu Muhammad.

A ministry source said that during Saturday’s meeting with police chiefs and home secretaries of 12 states, chaired by Home Secretary L C Goyal, the states were told “not to go by surface assessments” of the IS threat in their backyard, but to make a genuine assessment based on ground intelligence. Social media cells comprising 15 police personnel will be set up in each state and UT, and will be trained by the Centre to analyse patterns after trawling the internet and IS-linked social media accounts.

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  1. S
    Aug 4, 2015 at 10:42 am
    Throw their w family out of India. Refuse them citizenship and votingsright. These people are worthless for India.
    1. I
      Aug 4, 2015 at 5:03 pm
      Islam is again at war within itself. Shias fighting sunnis and sunnis fighting shias. Islam a peace loving religion has demonstrated that it is not so and will be never one. God alone can save Islam from muslims
      1. J
        Aug 4, 2015 at 10:58 am
        According to Indian media, RSS is more dangerous than ISIS.
        1. Greg Kaye
          Aug 4, 2015 at 3:47 pm
          Sources, that this publisher does not represent, typically refer to the terrorist group as "ISIS", "ISIL" or "daesh" and this includes content from a wide range of Muslim sources, a great many interviewed experts and a wide range of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Even in this video the children make repeated references to daesh (the direct Arabic equivalent of ISIS or ISIL) but this is disregarded. This publisher typically at least has the decency to present "Islamic State group". Among the more representational and reporting based oultlets are edition.cnn/ ; nytimes/ and independent.co.uk/ which can alternately be accessed . Perhaps inadvertently or perhaps just due to the sheer carelessly of this agency advocates the self designation of a terror group that is very far from being representative of Islam, that bombs mosques among its other atrocities, that will kill tourists in museums and hotels with the effect of decimating the tourist economies and livelihoods in largely Muslim areas, that kills journalists and aid workers and which is not a state. This source is also clearly going against predominantly used designations of the group as is shown in the following news searches (over the last month) on the search terms: * "isis" OR "isil" OR "daesh" (with the vast majority of the results on the search from these similarly themed terms coming from "ISIS") google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q="isis" OR "isil" OR "daesh"&tbm=nws&tbs=qdr:m and * "islamic state" google.co.uk/search?q="islamic state"&oq="islamic state"#q="islamic state"&tbm=nws&tbs=qdr:m To see the results from these searches a copy and paste will be needed to retrieve them from beneath the search tools info but, at the time that I wrote this, the ratio of results was at a rate greater than 4:1.
          1. Manu Sharma
            Aug 4, 2015 at 10:50 am
            This is the place where some wannabe insecure and never daring people training to make there own parallel administration with the helping hand of some fools and merely high stupid people who are financing there unnecessary rivalry with the world occupied by the same of there kind but pure and true in there thoughts and never giving up hope to protect there kind and mind ones from any kind of threats and insecurity into there lives. So these foolish people of this impure ISLAMIC STATE should be punished hard. STOP THIS MACRE.
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