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10 youths trapped in Damodar as floodgates opened

By: Express News Service | Ranchi | Published on:June 21, 2014 2:02 am

As many as 10 youngsters, who were taking a dip, are currently trapped downstream of the Damodar river in Bokaro after floodgates of Tenughat Dam were opened Friday afternoon.

This comes in the wake of 24 engineering students from Hyderabad being washed away by the Beas in Mandi on June 8.
The gates had to be opened reportedly because of rain. “The boys are from the surrounding villages. We are trying to get a chopper for rescue, but it is proving difficult,” said Jitendra Singh, SP, Bokaro.

Sources said the rescue is expected to go through the night as an Army chopper, summoned from Ranchi, is finding it difficult to spot the boys in the dark when the report last came in.

The youths, aged 16-22, are from a village in the Chandrapura area. They are trapped on a platform in the middle of the river. Two others who are with them swam to safety. Though floodgates were closed around 6 pm, water levels have not dropped below safe points. But, further rain may worsen the situation.

There is also the allegation that there was no warning before the floodgates were opened.

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