Vadodara: Gangster Mukesh Harjani shot dead by unidentified assailants

Vadodara's gangster Mukesh Harjani was one of the most wanted criminals in Gujarat.

Written by Aditi Raja | Vadodara | Updated: October 21, 2016 5:33 pm
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Notorious Vadodara gangster Mukesh Harjani was shot dead just before midnight on Thursday in Harni area of Vadodara, after unidentified assailants fired eight rounds from a close distance at him, police said. The open shooting in the heart of the city comes just two days before the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will inaugurate the new Vadodara airport terminal in Harni. The area is currently a high security zone, and the city has already gone through its first round of security sanitisation, given the arrival of the Prime Minister. According to officers attached to the City Police Station, which is investigating the case, Harjani was declared dead on arrival at a private hospital in the vicinity.

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Just last week, on October 13, Harjani’s former associate and history-sheeter Kalpesh Patel alias Kachiyo –co-accused in Chako’s murder –had released a newspaper advertisement in all vernacular newspapers in Vadodara, begging pardon from the dreaded Harjani, who had recently been released from jail. Through the advertisement, Kachiyo clarified that he had no role in stalling Harjani’s bail plea in Chako’s murder. The state government had used special powers under the CrPC Section 268 to oppose Harjani’s bail, which Harjani believed was Kachiyo’s doing.

On Thursday night, Harjani, who was said to have strong connections with the Mumbai underworld was passing through the Harni area on the way to his family home in the Sindhi neighbourhood of Warasiya, when he was shot dead.

Harjani, one of the most wanted criminals in Gujarat, was said to have turned a bootlegger by allegedly supplying country made liquor in Dahod and Panchmahals district while delivering bread in his mini van. He was also a wanted criminal in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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  1. I
    Oct 21, 2016 at 4:03 am
    17 year old Hindu girl is killed by acid attack by a Muslim Imran Ali in West Bengal in Nadia district. This case is worst than Nirbhaya. Acid entered her lungs through trachea as it made in her neck. She struggled in ICU for 8 days. He attacked her on Durga puja day for rejecting his filthy lewd proposal. Imran Ali , a musselman, who was already married to another woman and had 3 children. Media is keeping selective silence as victim is Hindu/ Dalit and culprit is Muslim. Hindus it could be your sister, mother, daughter, or wife. Be united, forget cast, protect our people, take revenge of Every attack on Hindus, do no mercy on enemies. Those Hindus who want mercy on enemies, treat them as enemies.
    1. K
      Kim Sharma
      Oct 21, 2016 at 5:51 am
      The state has been messed up. RSS lumpens, bootleggers call the shots. They pervade all sectors. Such is the atmosphere in the country that both the right-wing groups (Hindu and Muslim) thrive and rally supporters by preaching hatred against each other. Both behave in ways that give their rival a motive to get into heinous acts. The shriller the right-wing gets, the easier it is for the rivals to garner more supporters ready for terror. Just as the Mandir agitation gave birth to counter attacks in cities, Gujarat riots gave birth to Kasabs. Why can't this principle of opposite and equal reaction be understood by us? Don't both BJP and RSS agree on spewing poison, alienating communities so that even existing India is not akhand at least in the minds of people? Don't both remind all of us about our religious/caste idenies? Don't both BJP and RSS always desire communal polarisation? Don't both like riots and riotous situations? Aren't they on the same page on making Hindus become laughing stocks by claiming Indians, not Wright Brothers, invented aeroplane? Don't both frequently remind us about 1000 yrs of gulami and thereby tell people India was never safe when Hindus ruled as is proven even now by frequent, daily attacks on the border? Don't both BJP and RSS know well they grow well only when communal tension and social unrest are the order of the day as are now? Don't both BJP and RSS teach our children that India's freedom was won by Sonus, Chotus, Kalus, Nanajis, Balus, Gopus etc? Don't they act in unison to make people, who were not even backbenchers and waterboys of Indian freedom movement, heroes?
      1. A
        Ashok Mazumdar
        Oct 21, 2016 at 8:46 am
        Since Modi and Amit Shah are not controlling Gujarat Police any more, Actual Gujrat is;br/gt;lt;br/gt;All Criminals have field days.
        1. R
          Oct 21, 2016 at 12:35 pm
          right said kim sharmaji mostly gujarati samaj do not understand this thing they are mentally brain washed by rss and bjp they have lost the understanding of hundustani culture.can you give me your email id so that we can further communicate
          1. R
            Oct 21, 2016 at 9:01 am
            Only these kind of retaliation only will save Hindus from Islamic Jihadists.
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