Uttarakhand: Supreme Court order dampens Harish Rawat’s birthday spirit

The news of the Supreme Court order came while Rawat was busy meeting workers on his 68th birthday. His day had begun with a visit to the Tapkeshwar Shiva temple.

Written by Manoj C G | Dehradun | Published: April 28, 2016 12:53 am
Uttarakhand, uttarakhand crisis, uttarakhand political crisis, supreme court, harish rawat, president rule in uttarakhand Rawat speaks to reporters Wednesday. Virender Singh Negi

Bouquets, sweets, selfies and cake — the deposed Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat was in a celebratory mood on his birthday Wednesday till the Supreme Court order came declaring that President’s Rule in the state will continue and there will be no floor test on April 29.

Speaking to The Indian Express minutes after the apex court order, Rawat said he was “saddened”. The delay, he added, was helping the BJP, which he claimed was still trying to lure Congress MLAs. He said nearly three-fourth of the Congress MLAs had informed him that the BJP had approached them offering “anything”.

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“It has saddened me a bit. We were ready on March 28 to prove our majority, we were ready for March 30 and we were ready for April 29 as well… So is it a setback? The delay will help the BJP. The BJP may intensify its efforts for poaching from our camp. They are luring our MLAs with huge amounts.”

While BJP state president Ajay Bhatt denied the charges, he added that the BJP hoped that some more Congress MLAs, just like the nine who had already parted ways, would “listen to their conscience and come with his party to save Uttarakhand from Congress misrule”.

The news of the Supreme Court order came while Rawat was busy meeting workers on his 68th birthday. His day had begun with a visit to the Tapkeshwar Shiva temple. With a steady stream of visitors showing up to meet him at his Bijapur residence, Rawat said: “It is for the first time that I am enjoying my birthday with the people… I never celebrate my birthday. Today, out of sympathy or whatever you may call it, there are a lot of visitors.”

Asked whether he was hopeful of a favourable verdict from the apex court, he said: “I would not like to comment as the matter is still being heard… It will not be proper for me to comment… I know and I am confident that justice will be done in our favour.” he said.


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  1. D
    Dr.Damodar Biswal
    Apr 28, 2016 at 6:25 am
    The 7 points raised by the Apex Court ,on which the Govt. has to reply on the next date of hearing may put BJP in to inconvenience.But good for the country n our consution as there will be another judgement on use/ misuse of Article 356.
    1. Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subodhdas
      Apr 28, 2016 at 12:25 pm
      there is no need for this man to feel sad or elated at anything! he must be happy that will be part of the parliamentary and democracy history of india! he would have been just one of the many chief ministers ofr short time of uttarkhand, had everything gone on as usual without the bjp resorting to the great mischief it did! lt;br/gt;bjp had made him a historic personality.lt;br/gt;the judgment of the uttarkhand high court is a land mark judgment that many other high courts will fallow in future and many a mischievous party would exercise more caution in the game of political toppling of opposition governments and usurping power.lt;br/gt;it will also be a great step in the struggle for containing indian neo fascism ascending to power by surrepious means.lt;br/gt;because of the small mistake of the good bench of uttarkhand in not having worked out a creative and robust solution for arranging a typed and corrected copy of the judgment of the court in a few hours and making it available to all parties, the supreme court did show some indulgence to the bullying pleas of the attorney general.lt;br/gt;however when posed the seven beautiful questions to the attorney general for obtaining answers from his masters, it has already cast the dye!lt;br/gt;the attorney general is hanged if answers to yes to any or all the questions! he would still be hanging if he answers know to any or all of the questions. lt;br/gt;and some yes and some no, he would still be hanging! lt;br/gt;in most likelihood he would not answer any question on yes or no basis. he will give contrived replies, evasive replies, ambiguous plaudes and try to mislead and har the supreme court!lt;br/gt;let us hope the good judges will take a firm stand on principles. it does not matter much whether this poor chief minister wins or looses. the principles would have been laid down, and if they are not well laid down, the matter would still go in appeal to a consutional bench!lt;br/gt;but the Juggernaut of shri modi, shri rss has been halted at many a place and it will come to a stop sooner or later! and one day dismantled!
      1. T
        Apr 28, 2016 at 6:32 pm
        Uttarakhand HC judge knows the fact...they did not gave written judgement gave this thug a chance to run government for a day...
        1. R
          Apr 28, 2016 at 6:19 pm
          CRY BABY CRY...
          1. R
            Apr 27, 2016 at 8:13 pm
            there is always difference between judgement of high courts and supreme court,one judges by practicality and sentiments later goes mostly by rules of consution.We'll re election is always better than patch up government.
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