Amit Shah vows to create Uttam Pradesh, says SP, BSP took UP to rock bottom

Speaking at a rally in Mathura —Shah took potshots at CM Akhilesh Yadav and his uncle Shivpal Yadav for “lack of development” in the state.

Written by Ishita Mishra | Nagla Chandrabhan (mathura) | Updated: September 29, 2016 8:35 am
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BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday urged the people of Uttar Pradesh to stop switching allegiances between the ruling SP and BSP, both of which had “dragged the state down to rock bottom”, and give his party a chance instead, assuring them that BJP would make the state ‘Uttam Pradesh’.

Shah was speaking at a public meeting organised at Jan Sangh ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s birthplace in Mathura. He initially had lunch at the Deen Dayal Dhaam, an ashram built in the name of Upadhyaya, before addressing the meeting, where he maintained that the function was not a political rally.

However, he soon started taking potshots at SP and BSP for “lack of development” in the state.

“Bees saalo se SP, BSP kar rahe ho aap log. Iss SP, BSP ne Uttar Pradesh ko sabse neeche pahucha dia hai. In bees saalo me doosre pradesho, jahan BJP ki sarkar rahi, waha ghar ghar me bijli aa gai, paani aa gaya, sadkein ban gayi. Gaon me hospital aur schools ban gaye.

UP me kya hua? (For the past 20 years, you have been choosing between SP and BSP. In these 20 years, states where the BJP is ruling has got water supply, new roads and electricity in every home. Villages now have schools and hospitals. What happened in UP?)” asked Shah, adding that the state was still struggling to provide its people these basic amenities despite having an abundance of resources.

Training his guns on Akhilesh Yadav and his uncle Shivpal Yadav, a minister in his nephew’s Cabinet, Shah said he knew that ‘Chacha-Bhatija’ would not be able to lead the state on the path of development.

“It is high time that voters of UP saved themselves from the ‘goondaism’ of Samajwadi Party and the corruption of BSP rule. Masses in Uttar Pradesh should now vote for BJP to make UP ‘Uttam Pradesh’,” said Shah, adding that he was confident that if his party came to power in UP, the country’s GDP would go up. In his 20-minute speech, he also claimed that if a BJP government is formed in Uttar Pradesh, it would not be of any specific caste or religion, but of the poor.

Shah visited Nagla Chandrabhan village of Farah town in Mathura on the second day of a three-day long celebration at Deen Dayal Dhaam. He was accompanied by RSS joint general secretary Dattatrey Hosabale and local BJP MP Hema Malini.

The party’s national general secretary (organisation) Ram Lal and BJP state president Keshav Prasad Maurya also shared the stage with Shah. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had attended the celebrations at the village last year.

Applauding the life and contributions of Upadhyaya, Amit Shah claimed that BJP is now the biggest party in the world. “It is on his principles that 13 states and the Centre ruled by BJP are governing for the betterment of masses,” he said.

Shah also questioned the policies of Jawahar Lal Nehru after Independence, and held that for one reason or other, the credit for freedom would always be attributed to Congress.

He alleged that Nehru’s policies were influenced by the West and thus, the Jan Sangh was formed by Upadhyaya and Syama Prasad Mukherjee to provide an alternate ideology for saving the nation.

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  1. Vikas
    Sep 29, 2016 at 1:47 am
    This man knows only Jumla now everyone knows that...people of UP will not believe you.....
    1. Sunil Sharma
      Sep 29, 2016 at 4:48 am
      A real joker the next King of Indya. take care of gujurat before trying to change Delhi, Bihar, UP or;br/gt;HE HAS TO CHANGE FOR THE Better after false encounters .Shocking that he is made the Party president and despite lossing most of the election after Delhi;br/gt;Hitler in the workslt;br/gt;Jai Bharat Jai Mahatma hiji save Bharat from this guy
      1. Sunil Sharma
        Sep 29, 2016 at 4:52 am
        The Crown is to bigger than this jokers head . ITS usually the Head is bigger in all these show cases. this nut case head has shrunk .lt;br/gt;Looser will never;br/gt;Bhagwan Bacho Bharat desh from this Guy
        1. rak g
          Sep 29, 2016 at 12:55 am
          amit shah busy selling jumlas, remains to be seen if UP people take it this time.
          1. K
            Kim Sharma
            Sep 29, 2016 at 3:47 am
            Hi,lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;It shouldn't be an Uri or the unrest in Kashmir or unprecedented Chinese incursions on the border-- even at the Uttarakhand frontier-- that should decide the legacy of our leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Nor should the violence or unrest in Haryana or Gujarat or on the campuses or even the all-pervasive social unrest, as is alleged by our rivals, discourage our leader to do all that he can to give us a great government, the best India has ever seen. Hope, the frequent atrocities on Dalits or numerous killings of cattle-traders will soon stop as the PM has already warned trouble-makers. In the run-up to the 2014 elections, Namo had asked for 60 months to fix the ills plaguing India. Today, as Modi's rule is at the mid-way point we know that he is not up to the task and can't do so in two terms. He might have failed to check cross-border infiltration or save the lives of our jawans or even bolster the rupee even after two years. Namo may not be able to resolve the Kashmir issue or even take the initiative to resolve some sensitive issues like those on sharing river water. Several economic indicators don't shed a postive light on the govt, despite a few initiatives that has high b value, at least. There is no end to the depressing or negative stories in these last couple of years, exactly coinciding with the ascension of Modi. The latest protests in Maharashtra and the violence in Karanataka also point that days are indeed bad. No doubt about it. The years preceding Modi's arrival in Delhi -- the last two years of the UPA Govt too was depressing, but they wobbled after a satisfactory run for almost 8;br/gt;Anyhow, we should stand by the greatest leader of our times, especially when the debate will soon veer to whether Narendra Modi will leave a pathetic legacy or at least a mediocre one. (Let's be realistic). Media too may ditch us as would many a voter who stood with us in 2014. Your continued support is necessary as the PM has to tread a difficult path and he appears clueless. Will our leader be at least remembered as the ruler who tried to clean up the dirt that is littered across the lanes and bylanes of our country? Our leader should not be remembered just for a bullet train or some toilets being built under the cleanliness movement. Nor should he be remembered as just a Shahenshah or a dear friend of industrialists or the buddy of Barack who couldn't make the world a safer;br/gt;In 2014 the voters had handed him over a great opportunity to take the country to new heights. The task was not difficult as the NDA government had to just build on the pillars raised by previous governments and tweak or refurbish some old schemes. On his part, he tried his best to execute several schemes. True, our dear Modi dusted up mostly old schemes of previous government. He did so as it was the easiest way to turn around the fortunes of the country and bring good times to people. Let, the rivals dub him as a cut-and-paste;br/gt;No doubt, our PM's government has not lived up to the expectations of the voters, despite favourable ratings for Namo. Let us forgive him for thinking ruling India would be as easy as ruling an already industrially advanced Gujarat. Indian prime-ministership is a different ballgame. India is not Gujarat. In fact, desperation to be a doer out to impress all and belittle rivals has landed the greatest BJP leader, our PM, in a trap. But, never lose your faith in our supreme leader, the messiah of Hindus. Your continued support is necessary as only Namo can give a government of the Hindus and for the Hindus, while not trying to appease the;br/gt;True, the situation under previous governments was not as bad as is now under Modi. There were corruption charges, but they had a knack of ruling the country with ease as they had immense experience in governance. We lack experience. Besides, we don't have enough capable ministers. The Kashmir issue was not resolved all these years, but violence was very much contained by the previous governments as tourist inflows to the state had proved. Nor did our rivals bring the country to the brink of another destructive war. Even Atalji endangered the country like Modi and made the world jittery about the prospects of a nuclear war. True, Namo messed up Kashmir too as the latest, unprecedented, unending unrest there proves. Hope, he unleashes a new policy to win over the Kashmiris. More Pathankots, Uris and Poonchs won't discourage our leader. Voters will soon realise it is Congress' burden to build up the edifice of India and ours to dismantle it during our rare, brief rule of the country. At this critical juncture, why don't we look at the positives of the NDA government? Doesn't Modi promote Indian culture, say Yoga, well? Don't BJP governments encourage the use of desi products? Don't they remind everyone of their religion? Haven't we sworn in a minister for cow protection in Rajasthan? Doesn't Modi try to win over friends abroad? A nation is built on such acts too. It is human to err and our leader may have fumbled. He may have lost focus while concentrating on finding out the truth behind Netaji Subash Bose's death or while strategising for state elections or while planning for the next radio talk or even searching for some files on Ishrat Jahan-- critics say so. Our chief ministers in Haryana or Jharkhand don't deserve the position. Our partner in Odisha is inert, hence only stories of poverty or dead bodies being lugged around could be heard. We may not win the Uttar Pradesh or Punjab election or even in Madhya Pradesh later next year. But don't get disheartened as the ultimate test is only in;br/gt;On to the economy, Namo will do all that he can to strengthen the rupee. True, rupee had plummeted earlier too and Namo had charged his predecessor for not protecting the currency. He will also definitely lift the morale of the stock market investors. Don't you remember how the market rallied in the run-up to the 2014 elections that placed Modi on the PM chair? The Modi government could avoid significant corruption charges. Even by avoiding big deals we will try to give a bribery-free government. It was only recently our government could commit to a major deal (Rafale). Namo will turn around the fortunes of his government on other fronts and get another;br/gt;No doubt, Modi's image has been tarnished in about two-and-a-half years. The Namo charm is wearing off fast and Modi might even be dubbed the PM who disappointed the most. This was not expected. We accept this fact. Truth hurts. But it cures. Let the harsh facts on the Modi government be conve to you candidly through this ominous letter as over-confidence has taken us to this miserable point, where the rivals dare to call ours the weakest Indian government ever. It seems so. Many even look back at Manmohan's times with;br/gt;Our hope now rests only on Namo's oratorical skills that leave listeners spell bound and make them vote again for the Lotus. Didn't you hear his latest speech in Kozhikode? Our hope also rests on the highly impressionable cl who still are amazed by Namo's fiery speeches, selfie moments, occasional alphabetical alliterations, mammoth rallies that demoralize the opposition, propaas that stump rivals, get-together with overseas leaders that bring goosebumps to his fans, and radio talks that let Modi do what he does best. Let us do all that we can so that the existing Namo followers are not disenchanted. Our enemies might say only those with pea-sized brains will still chant Modi! Modi! Modi! at rallies, townhalls and in stadia. But let us chant Har har Modi! Ha har Modi!lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Namo Fanslt;br/gt;Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
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