Two years of NDA government: To counter BJP’s publicity blitz, Cong spoofs Modi’s ‘Ab Ki Baar…’ campaign

Party sends top leaders to all major states for campaigning

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 27, 2016 3:31 am
Former Ajmer MP and Congress member, Sachin Pilot address the press in Mumbai and slams the policies adopted by Modi Govt. 26th May 2016, Gandhi Bhavan, Girgaon, Mumbai. Express photo by Nirmal Harindran, Mumbai. Former Ajmer MP and Congress member, Sachin Pilot address the press in Mumbai and slams the policies adopted by Modi Govt. 26th May 2016, Gandhi Bhavan, Girgaon, Mumbai. Express photo by Nirmal Harindran, Mumbai.

To counter the publicity blitz by the BJP on completion of two years of the NDA government at the Centre, the Congress dispatched senior leaders to all major states Thursday to highlight the “failures” of the ruling dispensation.

In Maharashtra, former Union minister Sachin Pilot described the Narendra Modi government’s performance as “two years of misrule”. The Congress leader also released a short film on the Modi government’s failures and flip-flops in the last two years.

The film titled Do Saal, Burey Haal (Two Years, Poor Condition) spoofed Modi’s famous ‘Ab Ki Baar’ election campaign. It focussed on the ten big failures of the government on matters dealing with farm distress, state of economy, employment, black money, inflation, and foreign policy.

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It featured actors who donned various real life characters and expressed their disappointments on promises reneged by the prime minister. Parodying Modi’s Ab Ki Baar campaign, each episode in the film ended with the characters exclaiming “Ab ki baar, barbaad kar diya hain yaar”.

Senior Congress party leaders said the decision to hold media interactions across the state was taken since the party leadership felt this was the best way to counter the BJP’s publicity blitz with the resources available at the party’s disposal.

Pilot claimed that while the PM had run an election campaign where it had promised generation of 2 crore jobs every year, official data proves that only 1.37 lakh jobs were created in these two years. He also hit out at the Modi government on “constant flip-flops” on the foreign policy.

The non-delivery on the assurance to bring back black money stashed in tax havens abroad was another point that the Congress aggressively harped on, so were the increase in NPAs of banks and price rise.

On the government’s anniversary celebrations, Pilot launched a scathing attack. “Had the government spent the kind of public money it is spending on the publicity campaign on drought relief, distressed farmers in Maharashtra would have benefited a lot,” he said.

Pilot also revived Congress’s ‘Suit Boot Ki Sarkar’ jibe against Modi, accusing the government of cutting social sector spend, while playing to the whims of a select coterie of businessmen. The Congress also projected that it was Rahul Gandhi’s opposition to the controversial land Act ordinance that had forced the Modi government to backtrack on what it termed as an ‘anti-farmer’ draft.

The party also chose to highlight Modi’s silence on allegations of scams against senior ministers and chief ministers of BJP-ruled states, arguing that the government had “no sense of morality”.

“The Modi government is nowhere close to fulfilling promises that it had made two years ago. And that’s why they are looking at issues that are divisive in nature,” Pilot said.

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  1. R
    Jun 1, 2016 at 5:34 am
    Modi Sarkar promised ache din for the people of country and corruption free administration ,but same are not seen anywhere to common people of the Country.It promised to bring back black money stashed abroad ,back in the Country but no step appears to have been taken.On the other hand it has decided to give immunity to people in the country to pay tax and penality and convert their black money into white.There is education cess on income ,but there is no improvement in infrastructure on education for poor.The Swach Bharat tax is levied and swatch bharat promise was made ,but except VIP areas there is no swachata at other places. Now kisan tax is being introduced as a component of service tax ,but how it will reach kisan and improve their position is anybodys guess, The govt. has been spending crores of Rupees on self promotion through print and other media to enable the people to know about its achievements,which is unwarranted, as if the govt .has done something for people ,they will know about it and need not be reminded.The same money could have been used for betterment of some particular cl of people The policies of govt. and its trade pacts with various other governments ,where our PM and other Ministers are visiting may have benefited the big industrialist and big buseinessman ,but has no impact on the life of ordinary citizen who is facing the same problems of inflation ,lack of infrastructure ,unemployment ,increase in cost of education and other necessary things in day to day life. Income level of a small % of employees has increased in some particular sectors where MNC have entered but the state of affairs of other industrial workers and other employees in other sectors is same and no change has come in their lives in any regsrd.There is no social welfare scheme and private sectior being risky for making investments of savings of common people ,there is hardly any sufficient return to people if they invest their savings in post office ,banks and UTI,LIC etc. There is no sufficient infrastructure in big govt. hospital nor there is capacity to cope with the rush of patients .The private hospitals having taken lands at concessional rates with a promise to look after or spare some facilities / availability of beds for poor have no concern for poor and are charging heavily for treatments .The facility of medical inxurance is there but after charging huge premiums every year , in case of claim various ifs and buts are introduced and the main intention is not to honor the claim for one or the other reason and there is no accountability.There are forums for every rederessal ,but the time consumed there for getting any relief is very long and the aggreived party has to suffer further in the process,The earlier governments have also not done anything regarding above ,even though remaining in powers for many years .The present govt. will also after finishing its present term ,will come with a plea that 5 years were not sufficient to correct wrongs of last 50 years and will again seek mandate from people for another term to completly fulfill its promises.