Tariq Hameed Karra strongly advocated alliance with BJP: PDP

Tariq Karra quit the party, protesting against "brutal policies" of BJP at the Centre and "complete surrender" of the state government before it.

By: PTI | Srinagar | Updated: September 15, 2016 9:48 pm
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PDP hit out at its MP Tariq Hameed Karra, who resigned from the party as well as Lok Sabha on Thursday, saying he was the one who had advocated an alliance with the BJP, besides proposing the name of Mehbooba Mufti as the Chief Minister.

In a statement issued by the General Secretary of the party, Nazim-ud-din Bhat, after his resignation, the PDP said its alliance with BJP was not for government formation but to eliminate hostility between different regions of the state and also to remove the trust deficit between people of Kashmir and the rest of the country.

Karra quit the party, protesting against “brutal policies” of BJP at the Centre and “complete surrender” of the state government before it.

Bhat, a journalist-turned-politician, said it was unfortunate that Karra has chosen to lavel unfounded allegations despite the fact that “he (Tariq Sahib) had strongly advocated alliance with BJP” and recalled that Karra only had proposed the name of Mehbooba as Leader of the Legislature Party and Chief Ministerial candidate.

When asked to react to PDP General Secretary’s statement, Karra said, “Nizam-ud-din Bhat is too small a fry to comment on such bigger issues. Let Mehbooba Mufti say what she has said and then I will respond.”

The PDP leader also accused Karra of not speaking even once in Parliament during his more than two years’ tenure.

“Tariq Sahib was elected by the voters of the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency on the mandate of the PDP to channelise their sentiments and take them to the highest forum of the democracy in the country — the Parliament.

“But unfortunately Tariq Sahib instead choose not speak even once during his two-and-a-half years’ tenure as Lok Sabha member in Parliament,” he observed.

He said Karra’s engagement with different political parties of the country would have been more fruitful, eventful and dignified for the people of Kashmir rather then indulging into “rabble rousing at the local level”.

Bhat said the difference between this year’s unrest and those of 2010 and 2008 is that it has remained confined to the Valley only this time while rest of the state remained peaceful.

“It is in Jammu that those who feel heat of the situation in Kashmir, be it students, patients, businessmen, are feeling dignified space,” he said.

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  1. J
    Jamil Ahmad
    Sep 15, 2016 at 4:32 pm
    A Kashmiri human rights activist has alleged that he was not allowed to board a flight by immigration authorities at Delhi’s Indira hi International Airport on Wednesday. The 39-year-old activist, Khurram Pervez, said he was supposed to take a flight to Geneva to attend the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Commission session.lt;br/gt;“At around 1.30 am, as I was about to board my flight to Geneva, I was stopped at immigration and detained for one-and-a-half hours. The officer had stamped my boarding p but they subsequently disallowed me to board the flight,” Pervez, chairperson of the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances and programme coordinator of the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, said.lt;br/gt;“Officials told me that due to orders from the Intelligence Bureau, I cannot travel to Geneva,” he claimed. Two of his colleagues, lawyers Parvez Imroz and Kartik Murukutla, were allowed to travel to Geneva. Deputy Commissioner of Police (FRRO) Prabhakar refused to comment on the matter, saying they do not share operational information with the media.lt;br/gt;Pervez said he was “only orally informed that immigration officers had instructions that he was not to be arrested, but that he should not be allowed to leave the country.” A statement issued by the JKCCS said he is “not being allowed to travel because he has been highlighting violations of human rights.”lt;br/gt;“The Kashmiri members of the delegation, besides attending the UNHRC session, are scheduled to brief UN bodies including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly over the last two months,” the JKCCS said.
    1. J
      Jamil Ahmad
      Sep 15, 2016 at 4:33 pm
      My Mail To Muzzerfer Beigh MP of Indian Parlimentlt;br/gt;You may recall memory I am Jamil Ahmad SHAFFAQ to whom you met when you came back from USA. We met in the house of Mr Late Altaf Ahmad at Neeti bagh in New Delhi. Being a Kashmiri by my origin I feel that you are also a criminal who deserves to be brought in international court of justice for the crimes you have committed in Kashmir being the active member of PDP and BJP. I was surprised to go through the resignation of Mr. Tariq Karra and feel at least one member in your party understood that no one can control Kashmir and it has already gone from the Indian hands. Don’t you think it is enough for you to get killed my native people? Don’t you feel shame? This is the time for you to prepare your papers for political asylum but be sure that I will never let you get in European community. Even Indian will not bear you to be the citizen of their country as they never considered Kashmiris as the first Indian citizens
      1. S
        Sher Mohammad
        Sep 15, 2016 at 5:27 pm
        Let me introduce to all my Indian audience from across the border that India needs a sound political system. We're incorrigible in stan as we didn't see democracy accompanying our independence. India is much better than us. India has come to stay, as we do too. We might have to wait until the next generation. But could not do so. Please inspire a legendary leader to rid India of personality cult and borrow the American role model. Its two mainstream political parties are free from personality cult. Give big kick to the "baqiyat" of the Congress into obscuritylt;br/gt;BJP is a bunch of half a dozen blotaed self-interested coalition factions,and there is still no concept of a strong opposition Party. You need parliament to debate and discuss matters of national importance, The media needs to build public opinion. India has created for it an ugly precedent in its occupation of Kashmir, which from Day-! it has failed to govern. Nehru got plebiscite in Punjab, NWFP, Bengal and Sylhet and grabbed Kashmir with out plebiscite in Kashmir. Forget about this bloody and stinky word "Attot ang." Modi will agree that India is a very weak country. It has 240-m Dalit, 120-m Mulims, and together other minorities 40 crore Indians are a burden on Indian economy. You're shooting in your own foot and acting like an ostrich - burying your neck in the sand.lt;br/gt;Let me as Indian Express editor, Sir can you bear if I tell you not to take the Muslims on either side lightly. Better get a better understanding of them and their faith. Let us create a Think Tank forum to act as as a bridge for India and stan to glue and cement most friendly relations between us. I have a better formula, with my background as a business guy. Indian Muslims future is tied with India into a golden splice, So could be future of IOk with India having a better and a bigger trading market in India. I have bigger picture of Indian Muslims vis a vis stan Muslims. I am a graduate of AMU, Aligarh. Indian Muslims have no interest in the bloated politics. Let the AMu crate best quality Admins and spread education and awareness in the nick and corner of India. Get me a Vis and I can let the IOK Kashniri econs buty the formula to stay with India and India investing all this money that is wasting in occupying it.