Students demanding reopening of schools is an uprising against separatists: MoS Jitendra Singh

The current unrest in the Valley has exposed the "duplicity" of the Kashmir-centric politicians who do not want schools to open, Jitendra Singh said.

By: PTI | Kathua | Published:November 6, 2016 1:45 am
Jitendra Singh, Jitendra, Minister of State in PMO, Kashmir schools, Kashmir unrest, Kashmir separatists, Kashmir news, India news, latest news, latest news, indian express Union Minister Jitendra Singh. (File Photo)

Union minister Jitendra Singh Saturday claimed that reports of students hitting the streets in the Valley demanding reopening of educational institutions is an “uprising of children versus the uprising of separatists”. “The children are coming out with their parents protesting in the open for reopening of schools… This is virtually a children’s uprising versus a separatists uprising,” he told reporters here. The current unrest in the Valley has exposed the “duplicity” of the Kashmir-centric politicians who do not want schools to open, the Minister of State in the PMO said.

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“If you see into the positive side of this, this (unrest) has provided an opportunity to the people of Kashmir to see through the designs and the duplicity of these so called Kashmir-centric politicians,” he said.

The state government and the Centre were keen in opening of the educational institutions so that the students’ career does not get affected.

“As far as the success in restoring education and reopening the schools, the Centre and the state are working in close coordination and they would achieve this and as far as the restoration of the confidence of the children is concerned, one notable aspect is that their parents themselves are keen that schools should be reopened so that the children’s career does not get disrupted,” Singh said.

Lashing out at Kashmir-centric politicians, he said while they wanted the children of the poor to resort to stone pelting, their own kids were getting quality education within and outside the country.

“These politicians exposed themselves by instigating the children of the poor to take to the stone pelting while they themselves have lodged their children in the safe havens within the country and abroad,” he said.

Singh said while most of the Kashmir-centric politicians have their children studying in the best institutions in the country and abroad the children of the poor for whom the schools are meant are being gutted down.

The Union Minister further said that the proposal to build concrete bunkers for all border households is under active consideration of the government.

Asserting that the “misadventure” along the borders will not affect the pace of development works, he said proposal of bunker to every family living close to border will soon be realised.

1140 modern toilet facilities are being built along the border, he added.

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  1. Z
    Nov 6, 2016 at 7:46 am
    This Jit Singh is the person responsible for muddying the perspective of PMO in Kashmir. lt;br/gt;This bad dogra is very racist and communal. lt;br/gt;His family,his father was instrumental in the 1947 Poonch macres where 200,000 Jammu Muslims were butchered. lt;br/gt;He is nothing more than a political thug serving a genocidal excuse of a PM.
    1. I
      Nov 6, 2016 at 3:36 am
      Lies lies lies ,,,,that s politics...... the Indian citizens are being misinformed..... case its true why is Government getting desperate. They have ordered 50% reduction in sylabus for 10 n 12 cles exams and provided other option to hold exams in March as well for those who miss November exams with full sylabus.......... The w kashmir is being held hostage by politicians just to satisfy their ego.. The minister says that the children of these kashmir centric politicians are studying in best schools in India n abroad.....why doesnt the Government dismiss and discharge the admission of these particular students in India and stop the overseas money transfer .
      1. S
        Nov 6, 2016 at 8:18 am
        Dude,His brother is with NC.All in the family but with different political ideology but in JandK what matters for all politicians and separatists is how to fool the people in the name of Azadi.
        1. S
          Nov 6, 2016 at 8:21 am
          If you have the Guts and is a Man,fight the terrorists and their mentors across the border???
          1. P
            Prof. P.
            Nov 6, 2016 at 5:04 am
            By destroying scores of educational insutions, the separatists made the students and their parents worry for the future. What the teacher-father of the late Wani said should be taken with all heart. Any sincere teacher or student feels pain when educational insutions get destro the way separatists did in Kashmir. That is what the teacher, the kids and their parents now try to express. What the children and parents want is "reopening of schools" in the interest of general public. Showing empathy is the minimum the Indian fraternity can do.
            1. S
              Sashi Pillai
              Nov 6, 2016 at 4:46 am
              Imtiyaz you e you and your religion tells lies lies lies
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