‘One can’t grow by keeping up a rivalry with someone’

Chakrapani and Bhawna Ojha, who attended the Kutumb Prabodhan organised by RSS in Agra on August 21

Published:September 4, 2016 12:33 am
rss, kutumb prabodhan, hindu, family planning, india family planning, hindu family planning The Agra-based couple, who are in their mid-30s, were at the session addressed by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Chakrapani works as a government teacher in Mathura, while Bhawna is a housewife. He does the talking.

1. How did you come to know about the ‘Kutumb Prabodhan’ camp?

One of my friends, who is a swayamsewak, told us about it. Earlier, we were not interested as Sunday (August 21 was a Sunday) is the only day I get to spend with my family, but later I agreed.

2. There was a suggestion at the session that Hindus produce more children.

On the one hand, the government is promoting family planning, and on the other hand, they are telling people who has stopped Hindus from having more kids. It’s quite contradictory… One can’t grow by keeping up a rivalry with someone. It won’t help at all.

3. What are the problems of having more children?

I am a teacher by profession, I can at least say that overpopulation is not going to help the country in any way. This is wrong from educational point of view and practically impossible too.

4. The RSS chief advised that families must avoid discussion on issues such as cricket, cinema, politics at home.

Ghar pe baat kya karen agar cricket, movies or politics nahin hai to (What should we talk about then)?

5. Would you go if there was such an event again? Was it useful?

There were many couples with small children who kept taking them to the toilet or feeding them, or just taking them out for a walk as it was very humid. In that respect, while the motto of the event, to strengthen family bonding, was great, the audience wasn’t concentrating. But I may go to such camps in the future too as the cultural programmes and the quiz show were very interesting. However, next time, they should hold it on a weekday and not a Sunday.