Poonch border draws Pakistan fire, India retaliates

Lt Colonel Manish Mehta said firing from across the border started at Shahpur around 11 am.

By: Express News Service | Jammu | Updated: October 4, 2016 4:47 am
india pakistan, indo pak, ceasefire violation, ceasefire violation shahpur, shahpur ceasefire violation, poonch ceasefire violation, surgical strikes, surgical strikes pok, baramulla update, baramulla ceasefire, india news, indian express, The firing and shelling Monday was the heaviest in recent times and came two days after Army chief General Dalbir Singh visited the Northern Command headquarters in Jammu to review the situation along the border. (Source: File)

AT LEAST six persons, including two women, were injured when Pakistani troops resorted to intense mortar shelling and small arms fire all along the Line of Control in the Shahpur and Sawjian areas of Poonch district Monday, days after the Indian Army announced it had carried out surgical strikes against terror launch pads along the LoC.

One of the injured women was said to be a Special Police Officer. Sources said she was hit when she was trying to help move the other injured to a hospital. Four of the injured are from Shahpur and two from Sawjian, they said.

Stating that Pakistani troops used small arms, automatic weapons and mortars to target Indian positions, Defence Ministry spokesperson Lt Colonel Manish Mehta said firing from across the border started at Shahpur around 11 am. In Sawjian and Mandi, firing began at 1.45 pm. Indian troops, the spokesperson said, were returning fire at all places.

Although there were reports that petrol containers, meant for supply to forward areas, had caught fire and damaged a telephone exchange in Gali Maidan in the Sawjian sector, a BSF officer told The Indian Express that only one container had caught fire and damaged some wires. He said the telephone exchange would be functional by Tuesday morning.

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Sources said that a few houses were also damaged in the shelling, which stopped around 4 pm in Shahpur and later in Sawjian.

The firing and shelling Monday was the heaviest in recent times and came two days after Army chief General Dalbir Singh visited the Northern Command headquarters in Jammu to review the situation along the border. He also met members of the team that carried out the surgical strikes on September 29.

The morning after the surgical strikes, Pakistani troops began firing mortar shells, targeting Balnoi in the Tata Pani area which, security forces said, was being done to help terrorists infiltrate. Areas along the LoC in Pargwal and Pallanwalla, too, were targeted by Pakistani troops, forcing residents to move to safer areas.

Authorities have already alerted residents of over 300 villages near the LoC and the International Border to be ready to shift to safer places. All educational institutions in these areas have been closed till further orders.

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  1. D
    Oct 3, 2016 at 11:51 am
    stan will soon be divided into 4 pieces.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;insha allah..lt;br/gt;allah ki yahi marzi hai..lt;br/gt;aameen..
    1. K
      Kim Sharma
      Oct 3, 2016 at 11:48 am
      Another attack. Write down the name of all towns in JandK, Punjab... That is the legacy of Narendra Modi. Surgical strike won't happen every day and Modi would be judged lt;br/gt;by concrete results rather than well-bed schemes or initiatives across multiple fronts. Let us accept that the PoK attack is the sole good thing of the Modi govt lt;br/gt;that will have a result -- revenge attacks, war, or fewer infiltration across the JandK border - if we are fortunate. The PM was desperate to conduct the army operation lt;br/gt;as it was the perfect move to cover the failures of the government. As the saying goes, a war or similar act is the last resort of the incompetent. Modi has risked a lt;br/gt;war because of his folly and arrogance. Even Atalji endangered the country like Modi and made the world jittery about the prospects of a nuclear war. As our Hindu ego lt;br/gt;is swelled up by the new dispensation in Delhi, we can't realise the dangers or the follies of our Delhi leaders. Carried away by empty rhetoric and hate-mongering lt;br/gt;all around, even by pressutes, we speak about surgical strikes or a likely war as if it would be a Indo-Pak cricket match in Sharjah or elsewhere. lt;br/gt;Yes, stan be taught a lesson. No doubt about it. Unfortunately, there is no end to the depressing or negative stories in these last couple of years. We talk about lt;br/gt;Bangalore violence, communal violence, war, protests, contagious diseases all around. The debate will soon veer to whether Narendra Modi will leave a pathetic legacy or at least a mediocre one. (Let's be realistic). To avoid that Modi needs a spectacular event, far better than all other theatrical events that the pressutes help lt;br/gt;him stage. Mayawati said prophetically: “The Central government can go to war with stan on the issue of Kashmir and terrorism to divert people’s attention from the lt;br/gt;failure of the BJP and the Centre.” lt;br/gt;Now, after two-and-a-half years it is clear there are no good times when Modi is at the helm. We are good at blaming the previous governments and their leaders or even lt;br/gt;the AAptards. There is some truth in what our rivals have been telling. On the ground there are no results that match the high-pitched campaigns or schemes of high lt;br/gt;b value. Even a typical govt move or action is being termed a historic one. One more school or road or any increase in tax collection is being bandied about as lt;br/gt;unprecedented. That shows the pettiness and desperation of our leaders. lt;br/gt;Even months back, sickular kongressis were charging that economy is in doldrums. True, several economic indicators don't shed a positive light on the govt, despite alt;br/gt;few initiatives that has high b value, at least. Latest employment survey is proof that initiatives like Make in India are a flop. Ignore the economy. The countrylt;br/gt;is literally sick. Diseases all over. There is no end to depressing events as Modi rules. His rule has become a joke and he a bluffmaster. Modi can't do anythinglt;br/gt;enduring, except building toilets (Good job). Otherwise, Modi flattered to deceive. Petty people for whom Indian history commenced in 2014 May, any petty act of the lt;br/gt;Modi govt gives goosebumps.Now, a surgical strike for chest-thumping. lt;br/gt;Latest attack in Baramula (after the surgery), Uri or a Pathankot...,the unrest in Kashmir or unprecedented Chinese incursions on the border-- even at the Uttarakhand frontier-- is the legacy of our leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The latest protests in Maharashtra and the violence in Karnataka (true it's a non-BJP govt) also point that days are indeed bad. No doubt about it. Modi might have failed to check cross-border infiltration or save the lives of our jawans or even bolster the rupee even after two years. Namo may not be able to resolve the Kashmir issue or even take the initiative to resolve some sensitive issues like those on sharing river water. Namo messed up Kashmir too as the latest, unprecedented, unending unrest there proves.
      1. N
        Oct 4, 2016 at 3:58 pm
        There is another peion in UN against stan which is going strongly .Please google for un peion against stan and sign it. so please google and help in declaring stan a terrorist state.Anyone can sign that peion.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;From an Indian who wants to save innocent lives all over the world including my lovely country India.
        1. M
          Oct 3, 2016 at 7:29 am
          Sir, there should be high vigil throughout the year on 24 hours along Pak border with India. Talk and war will not help India to stop this as this kind of act is an indisciplinary act. Therefore, install highly sophisticated camera along the border with Pak and let ur force be equipped with night vision device and bullet proof. Keep a vigil, if there is any movement, just wait and once they are visible to our eye sight, please shoot them is the only solution.
          1. M
            Oct 3, 2016 at 9:00 pm
            We should attack POK and capture it back from stan as it is POK where terrorist are have safe haven. stan uses POK as its terror branch and then denies that any terrorism happening from stan itself. stan is failed and terrorist nation.With the blessings of Allah it will soon be coming to end and stan will no more exist in this world. Insha Allah.
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