PM Narendra Modi promoting private firms, says Mayawati

Loans of big businessmen being waived, farmers ‘harassed’, alleges BSP chief at Allahabad rally

Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Allahabad | Updated: September 5, 2016 8:42 am
lucknow, mayawati, mayawati rally, mayawati professional videographer, mayawati elections, bsp, elections 2017, lucknow elections 2017, assembly elections 2017, india news Mayawati alleged that while loans of big businessmen were being waived, ordinary farmers and traders were being “harassed to pay their loans”.

Addressing a large rally at Allahabad’s Parade Ground, BSP chief Mayawati Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of working only for big businessmen and ignoring the poor.

In an apparent reference to a recent advertisement by Reliance featuring the PM’s picture, she said: “The BJP government at the Centre and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have overlooked government companies and started giving advertisements to promote private companies of moneybags and big capitalists. Now his advertisements have also started to come. It was because of these people’s money and power that his party had attained power at the Centre.”

She alleged that while loans of big businessmen were being waived, ordinary farmers and traders were being “harassed to pay their loans”.

The BSP chief said the PM ignored his constituency Varanasi during the floods. “The recent floods in Varanasi not only filled the homes of people with water but also the houses of gods. The priests are suffering, but Modi has not bothered to visit these people. When he has not come to listen to the people of Varanasi, how he can be expected to visit flood-affected areas in Mirzapur and Allahabad?” she said, adding that Varanasi had elected Modi “in the hope that he would develop the city the way the SP government has developed Saifai and Etawah”. People from Varanasi and Mirzapur divisions had also been called for the BSP rally.

Mayawati reiterated that atrocities on Dalits had increased after the BJP’s rise to power at the Centre. She said the BJP government had not taken up the Constitutional amendment Bill to provide reservation to SC/STs in promotions “which is pending in Lok Sabha where BJP has absolute majority”. She further alleged that the government was trying to make reservation ineffective by giving more work to the private sector.

The BSP chief added: “Their (Muslims’) condition is very bad, as was shown by the Sachar Committee report, but the report itself seems to have been locked in a box now.”

Mayawati also claimed that her party was “way ahead of others” in Uttar Pradesh in the run-up to the 2017 polls, adding that the BJP will “continue to use managed election surveys to show that it is the popular choice in the elections” in the state.

Accusing the BJP and the SP of having a tacit understanding, she said that communal riots could be triggered in the state for political gains.

She also claimed that the Congress’s padyatras and rath yatras were having no impact as the party had done little for the people despite being in power for years in UP and the Centre.

Mayawati reiterated that her government would work for “all sections of the society” if voted to power.

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  1. I
    IML sood
    Sep 5, 2016 at 2:12 am
    O blind Mayawati Bhagat! Her party people have started saying Mayawati who? Her foul language and underhand dealings have reduced her party on the brink that she does have even a single MP from all in Lok Sabha from all over India but her born slaves will never see the light of the day.A spent force,greedy to the core!
    1. Bhagavath B S
      Sep 5, 2016 at 2:48 am
      dich,,,,,,, maya,private firms also run by indians, you are promoting stan ideology and you are anti dalit and anti indian,kashirams ????????????????????/
      1. R
        Sep 5, 2016 at 9:57 am
        Kya Bahanji ko samajh ha kuchh. Private kya Hindustani nahin halt;br/gt;Kya Mochi, Dhobi, Thelewala private business nahin ha . Kya chahati han ye Mohtarma. Madamji ji jo kapde Jute pahan rakhe han kisi private firm ne hi banaye honge?????
        1. A
          Sep 5, 2016 at 4:08 pm
          BJP want the old days of Dalits back, so BJP and RSS always try hard to suppress the Dalits. By privatisation reservation will come to an end, because all of us know how many Dalit people works in private sector. May be 1% or even less, that too majority of them are hidden, if they reveal their ideny they will be thrown out of the companies. In Indian Dalits are treated like Animals, so they are foced to live hidden life.
          1. M
            Sep 6, 2016 at 7:42 am
            for this daliths not cast their vote to BJP ok,
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