PETA criticises government’s reported move on promotion of Jallikattu

PETA said the move comes at a time when citizens have been campaigning for stricter laws to protect animals following the death of police horse Shaktimaan and other publicised cases of animal abuse.

By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2016 1:06 pm
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Amid reports that the Environment Ministry may move a Cabinet note to amend a legislation which is likely to allow use of bulls for Jallikattu, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Tuesday said the step will make India appear “backward and archaic” in the eyes of the world.

Referring to reports, the animal rights body claimed said the Environment Ministry is set to move a Cabinet note for weakening the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

It also claimed the ministry may bring the amendment, which aims to allow the use of bulls for Jallikattu, bullock cart races and animal fights and to allow other abuses of animals, in Parliament as early as in the Monsoon Session.

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“Reverence for animals, not animal abuse, is Indian culture. The Environment Ministry’s continued attempts to circumvent the Supreme Court verdict against cruelty to bulls and to weaken India’s animal protection laws shows it is woefully out of touch with the majority of the Indian public who want animals protected.

“Attempts to allow cruelty like Jallikattu at a time when countries around the world are banning outdated spectacles like bullfighting and animal circuses makes India appear backward and archaic in the eyes of the world,” said PETA India CEO, Poorva Joshipura.

The body said the move comes at a time when citizens have been campaigning for stricter laws to protect animals following the death of police horse Shaktimaan and other publicised cases of animal abuse.

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PETA in a statement said the draft bill reportedly proposes that animals currently banned from use in performances shall be allowed to be exhibited or trained as a performing animals in a manner prescribed by religion, by a community, custom or culture.

“The central government’s move is being made as another attempt to skirt around the 2014 Supreme Court verdict which confirmed that use of bulls in Jallikattu, bull races and bullfights are inherently cruel which means no amount of regulation can protect bulls used in performances from unnecessary suffering and that, such spectacles are illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act 1960,” PETA said in the statement.

It also said the Court also upheld the central government’s 2011 notification that bans the use of bulls in performances and acknowledged that bulls are anatomically unfit to be forced to run.

The Environment Ministry on January 7 issued a notification attempting to lift the ban, which was stayed by the Supreme Court, after the notification was being challenged by the Animal Welfare Board of India and renowned animal welfare organizations, including PETA, India.

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  1. S
    Jan 21, 2017 at 6:06 pm
    PETA Get out from India. We know how to handle our bulls. First come and Peta persons learn to us how to handle the bulls because we are taking care like our child, first of all why you (PETA ) people ban our culture, please try to do some other countries, many countries eating beat, spain persons kills the bull while they are playing the bull sports. Why you are trying to ban our culture, its all are planning, PETA people I have to say one thing please you people dont eat non veg okay. Every jerrsy cows have big nipples look like very sad. You people did not see that please ban that type of jerrsys cows. Finally PETA is fake animal welfare. Who are believe that type of animal welfare please don't believe PETA. PETA down down. Get out from India.
    1. M
      Mohamed Aleem
      Jan 24, 2017 at 9:32 am
      PETA's statement, "Attempts to allow cruelty like Jallikattu at a time when countries around the world are banning outdated spectacles like bullfighting and animal circuses makes India appear backward and archaic in the eyes of the world," is a clear indication that shows non-Indian origin of PETA. This statement clearly shows it's intention to abolish Indian Culture, to destroy India's Individuality and its originality. Why should we change for the sake of other countries? It is their attempt to make us slaves to other countries. Let India be backward and archaic in the eyes of the world. But in the eyes of each and every original Indians, India has grown beyond the expectations of other countries and one day it is going to lead other countries. My dear brother and sister Indians, let us enjoy our freedom, let us keep up our culture and be proud to be an Indian. Let us drive out all anti-Indian forces like PETA out of;br/gt;Jai Hind!
      1. K
        Jan 19, 2017 at 9:32 am
        jullikattu ban is correct..nan pathruken jallikattula bulls thanna kill panna varratha payanthu thanna kapathikathan odum..bullsku fear ana matumtha violence use panna ithu venam
        1. c
          Jan 15, 2017 at 5:28 pm
          PETA should first stop bull fight in Spain where they kill bulls , which they say as victorious . The bull is killed with sword before a huge crowd. But in Tamil nadu we don't kill bulls.
          1. Kartik Malli
            Jul 5, 2016 at 6:13 pm
            ask PETA s to stop KFC etc these have mechanised killing machine ...we need to preserve native breed .... these guys are promoting Artificial insemination which is already having effects on native breeds vanishing or on the verge of extinction. and we have lost many native india breeds... same as mosanto is doing in the field of agriculture
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