Nitish Kumar thinks alcohol only reason for Bihar’s backwardness: NCP

Nitish Kumar said the liquor ban would be reinforced in the state, and if need be, his government would approach the Supreme Court on the matter.

By: ANI | Mumbai | Updated: October 3, 2016 1:09 pm
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The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Monday took a dig at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his relentless endeavour to ban consumption and sale of liquor in Bihar, saying the latter is hell bent on pursuing this goal as he sees alcohol consumption as being responsible for his state’s backwardness.

NCP leader Majeed Memon said, “As a matter of fact, Nitish is hell bent on having complete prohibition in Bihar because he believes that it is liquor that has brought and is bringing misery to people in Bihar. That is the fundamental reason for the state’s backwardness, not illiteracy, but this habit to drink.”

“He has passed a very strange and drastic law in the past, which was unfortunately set aside by the highest court because it was not judicious or fair,” he added.

Commenting on the new law proposed by Nitish, Memon said, “Now, he is wanting to ward off that order of the court by coming forward with yet another law which would be equally stringent, and which may mot pass judicial scrutiny.”

Sunday, Kumar said the liquor ban would be reinforced in the state, and if need be, his government would approach the Supreme Court on the matter.

Asserting that liquor consumption is a social stigma, Nitish said that prohibition would improve society.

The new Act contains harsher provisions such as making all adults culpable in case a liquor-related offence is committed in a house and imposition of community penalty in case of repeated offence of manufacturing liquor or trading in it in a village.

Some of the old provisions that would find place in the new law are penalising someone for allowing use of premises for a liquor-related offence, penalising a company and everyone in charge of its affairs if the offender is a company, and fining the owner of a house from where utensils meant for making liquor are found.

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  1. A
    Awdessh Sahi
    Oct 3, 2016 at 6:55 am
    Respected Mr Chief Minister,lt;br/gt;You are the Chief Minister of the State and you your self do not see the underlying problem ailing the State of Bihar. It is ok to fool yourself but do not fool others and play Vote Bank politics. If you are so determined, why do not show your determination in educating the citizen of Bihar and create a robust educational infrastructure so that people and children of Bihar gets proper education and the literacy rate goes up. If you really want to do something for the people of Bihar, then create good colleges, schools and other relevant infrastructure for education so that the people of Bihar and everyone feels proud of you and we have leaders who are well educated and atleast 10th standard p. Give good education to the children of Bihar and all your problems about alcohol will be taken care off.
    1. T
      T P
      Oct 3, 2016 at 4:17 am
      Can Bihar Govt give the figure of per capita consumption of Liquer ,both IMFL and Licenced Desi Alcohol of BIHAR for a period of ten years to conclude or arrive at its impact on society, Consumption oh Toddy,Ganza and Bhang is on much larger scale than Alcohol in Bihar.
      1. Laxman Gupta
        Oct 3, 2016 at 6:55 am
        "Complete Liquor Ban" the Best Gift given by Bihar CM to Bihar people after Independence.
        1. G
          Oct 3, 2016 at 9:44 pm
          It was smart of Nitish Kumar to ban liquor. lt;br/gt;He should also start a public education on the damages that drinking can cause to health and families. lt;br/gt;He is taking care of the women. It will reap him great rewards at election time.
          1. Raman Govindan
            Oct 10, 2016 at 7:19 pm
            nitish wants to escape behind liquor for all the ills of Bihar duting his steward ship!
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