Narendra Modi’s remarks on Balochistan proves Pakistan’s contention: Sartaj Aziz

Pakistan also asserted that the situation in Balochistan cannot be equated with Kashmir.

By: PTI | Islamabad | Updated: August 15, 2016 8:37 pm
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Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to Balochistan in his Independence Day speech, Pakistan on Sunday claimed that this proved its contention that India has been allegedly “fomenting terrorism” in the province.

Pakistan also asserted that the situation in Balochistan cannot be equated with Kashmir.

Pakistan Prime Minister’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, while responding to Modi’s Independence Day speech, said the Premier was only trying to divert world attention from the “grim tragedy” that has been unfolding in Kashmir over the past five weeks.

The reference to Balochistan, which is an integral part of Pakistan, “only proves Pakistan’s contention that India, through its main intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has been fomenting terrorism in Balochistan”, Aziz was quoted as saying by a Foreign Office statement.

Aziz’s remarks came after Prime Minister Modi brought up Pakistani atrocities on people of Balochistan and PoK in his Independence Day speech on Monday.

“From the ramparts of the Red Fort, I want to express my gratitude to some people — the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK) — for the way they whole-heartedly thanked me, the way they expressed gratitude to me, the way they conveyed their goodwill to me recently,” Modi said.

This is for the first time the disturbed areas in the control of Pakistan have been mentioned by any Indian Prime Minister during his Independence Day speech.

Aziz claimed that India’s involvement was confirmed by the public confession of “RAW’s active service Naval Officer” Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was arrested in March this year from Balochistan.

Thousands of unarmed youth are protesting every day for their right of self determination in Kashmir, where more than 70 innocent Kashmiris have been killed and more than 6,000 injured, while there is constant curfew and complete media blackout for the past 37 days, Aziz claimed.

“These events have nothing to do with terrorism. It is an indigenous movement for self determination, a right promised to the Kashmiris by the UN Security Council,” he said.

He claimed that at this time, the contrast between Kashmir and PoK could not be more stark.

Aziz said India is a large country, “in fact the second largest in the world and this must be acknowledged, but a large country does not automatically become a great country, specially when it unleashes such brute force against innocent citizens to suppress their right to protest or when it deliberately uses pallet guns to permanently destroy the eyesight of over 100 youth.”

He said India should recognise that the core issue of Kashmir cannot be resolved by bullets and needed a political solution, through serious negotiations between India and Pakistan.

Aziz’s remarks came after Pakistan formally invited India for talks on Kashmir, a move already rejected by New Delhi which had insisted it would talk on “contemporary and relevant” issues in Indo-Pak relations.

Earlier, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri had dismissed Prime Minister Modi’s assertion that the province was suffering from repression and accused India of fomenting trouble there.

Zehri made the remarks yesterday after Modi, during an all-party meeting on the Kashmir situation last week, had said the time had come to expose the atrocities committed “by our neighbouring nation” in Balochistan and the areas of Jammu and Kashmir under its illegal occupation.

Zehri, while addressing a ceremony in the provincial capital of Quetta to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day, said there was no comparison between Balochistan and Kashmir.

“The government and people of Balochistan vehemently reject Modi’s statement on the situation in the province,” Zehri said.

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“A handful of miscreants, manipulated by the Indian intelligence agency, are involved in anti-peace activities in Balochistan. People of Balochistan are loyal and patriotic… they love Pakistan and will never support the nefarious designs of the country’s enemies,” he said.

Zehri blamed India for unrest in Balochistan and said that arrest of a “serving” Indian navy officer vindicates Pakistan’s claim.

“India is behind terrorism, militancy and anti-peace activities in Balochistan,” he alleged.

Zehri asserted that the situation in Balochistan is very different from that of Kashmir where he claimed people want freedom from India and Indian armed forces.

“But in Balochistan, the people want to live within the legal framework of the country,” he said.

Zehri said there was no fight for freedom in Balochistan as only a few misguided youth were involved in militancy and anti-peace activities in the province.

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  1. D
    Aug 15, 2016 at 7:35 pm
    Modi has talked and talked. Modi should now walk the talk. Take Bulochistan issue to all over world. stan is not going to change till some tangible harm is done. Modi has raised high hopes on Bulochistan and let see now if Modi backs it up with 56 inch chest or 56 mm
    1. M
      Aug 15, 2016 at 5:01 pm
      Nattu is a cut .
      1. K
        Aug 15, 2016 at 6:37 pm
        India is playing in stan hands. stan wants Kashmir issue alive, also is accusing India of interfering in Balochistan which Modi is proving. Where is foreign policy advisers........ Will be late before negotiations from third countries are offered
        1. S
          Aug 15, 2016 at 6:43 pm
          LOL good one bro
          1. H
            Aug 17, 2016 at 7:57 am
            My Indian friends are excited about their prime minister ‘s attacking remarks about stan. It is surprising how indian people are tolerating this Murderer of Gujrat, a genocide criminal, and an international criminal. I am preparing a case to put him on trial against humanity in Hauge. As far as war is concerned, Dear have you forgotten the Kargil War. stan instead of talking on media channels went into action and thousands of Indian soldiers were killed and the coffins to transport the dead bodies of those poor people to their villages became deficient and new orders for supply were to be placed by Indian Defense Ministry. In stan there was a spiritual perception that Indian army got so much humiliation and was butchered because they were murdering the innocent Kashmiris for the past many years. This cruelty brought the defeat on them. I am a realist, considering no hopes for any solution, India has to request BIll Clinton again and again to stop the war. Poor Bill was Ringing again and again to Islamabad requesting to normalize. When this theory of bloody nose failed and Indian Army failed to push back, and considering all the options it was only then that the PM Vajpai trevelled to stan in 2004. He was a visionary man and we respect him. His statement in the media showed his maturity. His historic statement " IF war is not the answer then we must talk" . this statement had sound footings because Indian army has tried all the options by deploying 1300000 soldiers on stan's borders in 2002. they could not dare to attack because the cost of Nuclear response was too high. So when Indian Army lost all the hopes to attack stan then Indian government and Indian people realized that the Military option against people of stan is not an option at all. They are a fighter nation so they will fight like they fought in Kargil. It was this point when Mr. Vajpai took the matters in his own hand from the Indian Army and he decided to travel to stan despite all the bitterness. He was a great man who could rise above his anger. "He won the hearts of stanis that he ignored all the bitterness and opened options to settle disputes on equality basis, Unlike other SAARC countries stan has always stood up to smash Indian Hegemony in the region. stan will continue to smash India in future also, because stanis are decedents of Rulers who have ruled India for 800 years. They are fighter people. Now India is begging America to help them to rise . strange. lt;br/gt;The only way for both the countries is to balance the interests of both the Superpowers that is America and China. In coming years These powers want to convert India- stan region in to their proxy war battle ground. We under stand this Game. Let us hope India gets rid of people like Mr. Rajnath and Shaiv Sena. We hope good people in India like you will give a thought to this broader view point. Thanks for reading long comments. lt;br/gt;Hussain,
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