Maharashtra govt to table anti-spitting bill in Budget session

Along with imposing heavy fines, government also plans to make the offenders to do social services such as cleaning public places.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: February 6, 2016 1:58 pm
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Concerned over the sharp rise in infectious disease like tuberculosis, Maharashtra government will introduce a bill banning spitting in public places in the upcoming state Legislature Budget session scheduled next month.

State Health Minister Deepak Sawant had last year at a function on World Cancer Day mooted the idea of a law banning spitting in public places besides the proposed law banning chewing of tobacco in public.

The minister in a series of tweets yesterday said the proposed law aims at discouraging people from spitting in public places.

He said along with imposing heavy fines, government also plans to make the offenders to do social services such as cleaning public places.

“We are discussing with Law and Judiciary department officials to fine tune the legalities. After seeing a sharp rise of infectious diseases across the state, we have decided to bring in the Anti-spitting law. It is expected to be tabled in the Assembly session that begins on March 9,” Sawant said.

Meanwhile, Secretary, Law and Judiciary department N J Jamadar said that he will have a look at the department note which must have been forwarded by the minister.

According to the proposed legislation, offenders spitting for the first time will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 and also do a day of community service at public places or at government offices.

If caught second time, the offender will be slapped a fine of Rs 3,000 and do three days of community service.

For repeated offence, the offenders will have to pay Rs 5,000 fine and do five days of community service.

“Simply paying a paltry fine is not enough and so the government has decided to provide for compulsory community service. The offender will be given a broom and asked to do community service by sweeping public places and government offices,” Sawant said.

He added that the aim is to hurt the ego of the offender and desist him from repeating the act.

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  1. H
    Feb 6, 2016 at 9:54 am
    Since this good move is brought by BJP government, the award Vapsi gang and so called intellectuals would now cry "intolerance", and some may spit in their awards and return them.
    1. Hemen Parekh
      Feb 10, 2016 at 4:32 am
      ANTI-SPITTING LAW ? Today's Hindustan Times reports that the Govt of Maharashtra is planning to introduce in the budget session , an ANTI SPITTING LAW , under which , the first time offenders will be fined Rs 1000 and a day's Community Service For repeat offenders , both , the amount of fine and the duration of Community Service , will increase sharply Welcoming this initiative , I wonder if the concerned Minister for Health , Shri Deepak Sawant considered the following : * Each offence will need to be immediately recorded digitally ( with photo / Aadhar Card No of the offender / amount of fine paid and how / place of crime / where that community service was carried out / name of the Authority certifying that Community Service , etc ), so that the " History of Repeat Offenses " ( stored in the server of the Police Department ) can emerge instantly , on the HAND HELD OFFENSE RECORDING DEVICE of the policemen ,as soon as he enters the offender's Aadhar Card Number I hope the proposed law does not require every citizen to carry at all times ," MY SPITTING HISTORY CARD ", in which , the policemen will make appropriate entry , during each offence ! * What if the suspected citizen denies the crime ? Will the law provide for the police officer to collect samples of saliva from the ground and from suspect's mouth and send these for DNA matching in a forensic lab ? * The honesty / integrity of the police force, so that they will enforce the law without fear or favor and not use it as one more source of " Side Income " ! I am remembered of the time when travelling from Naples to Mumbai in a ship in 1958 , we had a one day stop-over in Karachi Along with a few friends, I disembarked and went around the city , which I found very clean Surprised at this unexpected cleanliness , I asked a local person for an explanation He said : If the police catches you spitting in public , he will make you pay a fine of Rs 100 and will make you take out your handkerchief and clean up the dirtied place, right there and then . If the policeman is found negligent then General Yahyakhan will place him behind the bars without any court case That day , I understood the secret of a disciplined society , viz: A non-corruptible police force , which would not care a hoot that you are a VIP or a VVIP ! I gather that the NDA government has already repealed some 175 antiquated / obsolete laws Repeal of another 900 are already ped in Lok Sabha and stuck for Rajya Sabha ping Another 1000 are in queue ! Let us not enact more and more laws which cannot be implemented / enforced but can be used to har innocent citizens to make money ! Let us focus on reforms in * Police System ( including doubling their ries ? / freezing new recruitment in police force for 5 years ) * Judicial System ( no postponements or dates / hearing and disposal of cases in single seating ) * Creating thousands of Lok Adalats to settle minor civil disputes in single hearing ( like arbitration ? ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hemenparekh / blogs 07 Feb 2016
      1. k
        Feb 6, 2016 at 10:34 am
        Won't we have right to spit on corrupt politicians and bureaucrats ?
        1. N
          Feb 6, 2016 at 8:47 am
          Good move
          1. R
            Feb 6, 2016 at 11:27 am
            I do not visualise anything effective of the bill. SPITTING openly and publicly is a favourite pastime of the people sitting idle on Kattas of every nook and corner of the towns. Next are the rickshaw walas who spit by default even when driving and spraying his fluid on the people around. The only reason is that there is no Taboo ociated with spitting. The people urinate and defecate in open but they find a secluded place which can hide them but they spit without any kind of guilt or feeling of anything doing wrong etc. Gutkha, Tobacco and Masheri are certain items which generate extra saliva in the mouth and when the mouth is full one has to spit otherwise it goes into the digestive system which is thought to be poisonous and harmful. There are many rules but our society believes in ' Law Breaking ' and not in following Law of the Land. They shamelessly justify their lawbreaking habit by telling " hi also professed Law Breaking. What can one say ? Law would not be effective but public education on health and hygiene is a must.
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