‘In my class, we sometimes fight with each other; but I don’t know what Pakistan wants from us’

Sanjana, 9, of Suchetgarh village in Jammu’s R S Pura that has been hit in cross-border firing says she does not want to return home.

Written by Arun Sharma | Published: November 27, 2016 12:01:51 am
Sanjana, recuperating from injuries at her grandparents’ house. Sanjana, recuperating from injuries at her grandparents’ house.

Nearly two dozen people, including security personnel, have been killed and over 100 injured in mortar shelling by Pakistan along the border since India carried out strikes across the Line of Control over two months ago.

Among the injured are six members of the family of Sanjana, 9, whose house at Suchetgarh village in R S Pura tehsil was hit by a Pakistani shell last month. Convalescing at her maternal grandparents’ house in Tibbabhial village, Sanjana, a Class IV student, says she doesn’t want to return home.

1)  How did you get injured?

My family members and some guests were having tea in our house compound when, in the afternoon, something fell on the house with a huge bang. I fell unconscious. When I reopened my eyes, I was in hospital with bandages wrapped all over my body. It was only in hospital that I found out that a bomb had fallen on our house and that my mother, my taiji (father’s elder brother’s wife), my older didi (a cousin) and two guests were also injured.

2) Do you know why your village  was hit?

The bomb was fired by Pakistan, but I do not know why they did it. In my class, sometimes children fight among themselves for something, but I do not know what Pakistan wants from us.

3) Do you want to return to your village?

No, I do not want to go back. They (Pakistan) keep bombing us. When I grow up, I will not even allow my marriage function to be held there.

4) Do you want the ongoing shelling to stop?

Yes, it should stop immediately as bombs only cause death and injuries to people.

5) What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a teacher. I will teach  my students that peace is better than violence.

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