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Both Muslims, Hindus arrested in Malegaon blasts innocent: Thane blast convict

"I would say that even the remaining ten Hindu accused including Lt. Col Prasad Purohit are also innocent and have been falsely implicated,” said Bhave, while speaking to The Indian Express.

Written by Chandan Haygunde | Pune | Updated: May 14, 2016 3:31 am
Malegaon blast, 2008 Malegaon blast, 2006 Malegaon blast, Malegaon blast cases, Malegaon blasts, Malegaon blast case, Vikram Bhave Vikram Bhave, a Sanatan Sanstha seeker, who himself is a convict in the Gadkari Rangayatan auditorum blast case in Thane in 2008.

One man happy with the latest developments in the two Malegaon bomb blasts cases is Vikram Bhave, a Sanatan Sanstha supporter convicted in the Gadkari Rangayatan auditorum blast case in Thane in 2008.

That is because Bhave had written a book, “Malegaon Sphotamagil Adrushya Hath (Invisible hands behind Malegaon blast), three months after being released on bail, in which he claimed the Muslims held for 2006 Malegaon blast and Hindus arrested for 2008 Malegaon blast are innocent.

Bhave’s book, released on September 1, 2013, was published by Himani Savarkar, president of Abhinav Bharat, a Hindutva group!alleged to be behind 2008 Malegaon blast.

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“I had written in my book that the Muslims jailed for the 2006 Malegaon blast are innocent. I am happy they are discharged from terror charges. Now, investigator say they have no evidence against Sadhvi Pragya and others. I would say that even the remaining ten Hindu accused including Lt. Col Prasad Purohit are also innocent and have been falsely implicated,” Bhave told The Indian Express.

“Both the Hindus and Muslims falsely arrested in bomb blast cases have lost valuable years of their lives in jail. Those who arrested them should be punished,” he said.

Bhave said that he was lodged in Anda cell of Arthur Road jail in Mumbai and later at Taloja jail along with the Hindu suspects (including Abhinav Bharat members) arrested in Malegaon blast 2008 and the Muslims in Malegaon blast 2006.
Bhave said he used to regularly interact with these suspects and felt that both the Hindus as well as the Muslims arrested in the bomb blasts were “innocent.”

“So, after being released from jail on May 28, 2013, I started studying the chargesheets, writ petitions and other documents in the two bomb blasts with the help of lawyers. I was convinced there was something wrong with the on going investigation sand so I thought of writing a book about it.”

The 112 pages book carries chapters on Sadhvi Pragya, Lt Col Prasad Purohit, Sudhakar Chaturvedi and others arrested for Malegaon blast 2008. The book also has two chapters on the vows of Muslims arrested in Malegaon blast 2006. The book ends hinting that “invisible political hands” were behind the bomb blast probe. Asked about these “invisible hands”, Bhave said, “Arrests in both bomb blasts in Malegaon were made during the Congress – NCP regime, who claim to be secular political parties.”


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  1. R
    Ramesh Pau
    May 13, 2016 at 10:19 pm
    This is shocking . These congress leaders who are behind putting innocent people in jail and treating them so badley should be arrested as soon as possible and hanged .
    1. A
      ak dev
      May 13, 2016 at 5:24 pm
      Sonia is GADDAR.
      1. Babu Gupta
        May 13, 2016 at 7:58 pm
        Very well known known facts through out the world now - it may be France, Belgium, Iraq, Israel, Phillipines, Australia, etc., but all terrorists belong to only one religion. It is not only India, but the w world inflicted with terror, suicide bombings, beheadings and killing of innocents. Every body knows but no body (except Donald Trump of US) has stated this clearly.
        1. Brave Heart
          May 13, 2016 at 3:45 pm
          Congreasy porty used Mr.kurkure to throw dirt on innocent mu.slims n. hi.ndus and let them fight with each other. This way they can divide n rule india. Chtya congreasy portyy. It shud never rule india again.
          1. K
            May 14, 2016 at 2:20 pm
            MALEGAON TERRORISTS EVICTED? WHO IS TERRORIST WHO IS INNOCENT? lt;br/gt;Are the innocent trapped as terrorists or the terrorists are being freed as innocents? Is RSS BJP NIA holding innocents as terrorists or terrorists being freed as innocents. When the convicts in jail are getting bail, every Indian no matter who is behind bars without evidence must be released. Everyone who has evidence on terror, no matter who must not be pardoned.
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