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Consumption of beef a matter of ‘individual opinion’, says Manohar Parrikar

I have been hardcore RSS since childhood, and I can assure you that this Dadri lynching issue had nothing to do with the RSS, Parrikar said.

Written by Harsha Raj Gatty | Panaji | Updated: October 12, 2015 4:57 pm
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Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday said governments could not take positions on issues such as the consumption of beef, which were matters of “individual opinion”.

“It is a sensitive matter,” he said in response to a question about Baba Ramdev’s demand for a pan India ban on the consumption of beef. “(The view on) it varies from person to person. As an administrator or the government, I cannot take a position to satisfy any one group. It is about individual opinion.”

The minister, who belongs to Goa but is a Rajya Sabha MP from UP where the issue of beef has seen a lynching, added, “Look, if tomorrow vegetarians say that the entire world must go veg, not only will this be inconvenient to others, a time might come when the prices of vegetables will rise so high that even vegetarians won’t be able to afford it, and will have no food to eat.”

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On allegations that the RSS has been instigating communal violence, Parrikar said, “I have been hardcore RSS since childhood, and I can assure you that this had nothing to do with the RSS. We Indians are a very tolerant society, sensitive issues of this nature must be discussed. Violence of any nature by anyone is not acceptable in a democracy.”

The minister said the central government had already decided on One Rank One Pension (OROP) for armed forces veterans, and the formal notification would come after the Bihar polls. “I don’t want to be issued notice by the Election Commission… the central government has already contemplated going ahead with its decision, and we will issue notification soon after the Bihar election,” Parrikar said.

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  1. G
    Oct 12, 2015 at 4:43 pm
    The issue is not really about beef. It is the fact that right wing hindutvawadis do not like following the rule of law. They like to beat and kill people into compliance on the streets. They have some friends across the border too AND in West Asia, called Taliban and ISIS except they happen to be islamists.
    1. T
      T jacob
      Oct 12, 2015 at 9:14 am
      Beef fry has been my favorite food and if you ban that I will say even goodbye to my country and go and live in a place that has better tolerance for individual preferences
      1. A
        Oct 12, 2015 at 6:36 am
        Eating Beef is not accepted in Sanatan Dharma. I cannot say that in a Democratic society and multicultural society like India ( BHARAT ) Government can ban some communities and people from eating Beef. But Government can certainly ban exporting of Beef from India to Other countries, as Cow for Sanatan Dharma People is like their mother and you cannot play with the sensitivities of majority of people in this country. As Democracy means, the voice of majority with reason. So, you cannot make an Individual not eat beef within India, but you can certainly ban export of beef and its products form India. As it is not a fundamental right of an individual to export something which is not permitted by the government. But Eating anything reasonable for human consumption is an individuals' fundamental right. Also I would urge Sanatan Dharma followers, that Sanatan Dharma is broad and wide in its understanding of nature and BHAGWAN /GOD, e.g. we have Bhakti Yog, Shankya Yog etc. its the individuals choice. So, please retain our multicultural nature, and but also resist the attempt of other Spiritual Philosophies who defame and detest Sanatan Dharma with intellectual , logical and legal opinions, violence is never a solution to any problem, but if it becomes necessary the violence to control fringe groups should be left to authorities and if they do not do anything defame them. Also, I urge Sanatan Dharma following people to eat less meat and eat vegetarian more, as in Vedas it is written that, plants are the best source of energy and getting food through plants is the best form of worship of the Almighty ( or the BHRAMAN ).
        1. A
          Oct 12, 2015 at 12:16 pm
          Are we tolerant? I don't think so. You can keep repeating the same line 1000 times but the fact is that Indians are shallow and intolerant. Right wing groups are thriving and act with impunity is the perfect example of intolerance.
          1. D
            Desy girl
            Oct 12, 2015 at 4:20 pm
            The politician should ban the beef export and leather export.Hundreds of cows are tortured to death because slaughtering is illegal.Why they export leather made thing ? why they do not ban them all?
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