Punjabis react to Trump’s decision to deport illegal immigrants: ‘May affect economy, hit unscrupulous travel agents’

According to Satnam Singh Chahal, director, NAPA, business in the US will be considerably affected as several, including eateries and construction, thrive on the illegal migrant manpower.

Written by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Published: November 15, 2016 5:41 am
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Following US President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement that 30 lakh illegal immigrants would be deported, Punjabis in the country feel that it would be a major setback to that economy. However, another section believes it could also check unscrupulous travel agents.
According to Satnam Singh Chahal, director, North America Punjabi Association (NAPA), business in the US will be considerably affected as several, including eateries and construction, thrive on the illegal migrant manpower.

“Among the Indian illegal immigrants, the large number is of Punjabis and most of them are employed in farms and if they are deported, then the farm industry will be adversely affected,” he said. “There are cases where the children are legal because they are born there but parents do not have any documents. They may have spent several decades there and are law-abiding but they don’t have the proper papers. How then will deportation be justified?,” said Chahal, adding that several illegal immigrants pay taxes too.

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“One of my relatives spent Rs 40 lakh to send their son to the USA through a travel agent a few months ago and now if he is deported, they would not be able to pay the loans they had taken for the trip,” said Amandeep Singh, who has been living in USA for a decade. He accepted that such a trend is not advisable and should not be resorted to.

However, the practice needs to be curbed and such measures may help end the illegal immigration business, another NRI felt.

“I feel this decision may check the illegal business of the unscrupulous travel agents in Punjab who have been trapping the innocent and gullible youth with a promise of entry in USA which is not only dangerous but hugely troublesome,” said Kewal Kumar from California.

Several from Punjab have died on the to the USA after paying hefty amounts. It takes months to reach the US illegally.

Earlier this year, Ravinder Singh (16) died while crossing a river to the US. His father, Gurpal Singh, said Ravinder was sent through an agent.

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    Nov 15, 2016 at 1:46 am
    What is wrong in his deportation of illegal immigrants. He is not after those who went with Legal Pports. Before elections, he said AB KI BAR TRUMP. He is putting his country's economy back on tracks. Did anyone asked to spend such huge amounts to go to U S A for higher studies. Unless you have black money and maniting methods, you cannot venture to send your children The Honourable Prime Minister wants to enrich India with MAKE IN INDIA but after availing all facilities up to graduation over here, they go and settle abroad. Whatever they remit to India is adding up to inflation in the Country and the poor and middle cl are left without power to purchase anything with their meagre incomes.