Coming soon: Standardised winter jackets for Punjab Police

The police force, which has around 75,000 gazzetted and non-gazzetted officials (NGOs), did not have a standard pattern for its winter jacket.

Written by Shub Karman Dhaliwal | Chandigarh | Published:October 3, 2016 10:26 am

This winter, the Punjab Police will likely get new designer jackets thanks to Panjab University’s Institute of Fashion and Technology.

The police force, which has around 75,000 gazzetted and non-gazzetted officials (NGOs), did not have a standard pattern for its winter jacket. Police constables and other NGOs were given a uniform allowance of Rs 1,100 in cash per head. With it, they used to get their uniform on their own without following any standard pattern. In fact, most of the ranks used to buy jackets from local vendors with glaring variations in pattern.

“Now we are standardising the design of the jacket for all constable and other NGOs,” said Gurpreet Deo, Inspector-General (IG) of Punjab Police, who is dealing with the matter. “The jackets will have different designs to distinguish between officers and non-officer ranks.”

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University Institute of Fashion Technology’s Assistant Prof Prabhdip Brar, who designed the jacket, explained the salient features of the khaki coloured jacket. “Its design is snap button down and zip-up to make it a high-neck wear. There will be four flapped pockets on the front – two on each side of the zipped-up partition with regular cuffs on the sleeves”. Besides these, there would be sherpa lining along with navy blue elbow patches and design on shoulders.

The design of jackets meant for women will have variations too. “For women, the jackets will be having a particular shape on the waist,” Brar added. The jackets have been designed in a manner for male and female ranks that they could easily work and even run in the them.

Other officers’ long coats will be made of woolen with button-down along with belt pockets giving a look of an over-coat. The colour will be olive green matching current winter shirts worn by the officers.

Brar, who has done masters in design from NIFT Delhi and also holds Ph.D in costume and Indian miniature paintings, said, “We have submitted the total four samples-two for men and two women- to the Punjab Police authorities concerned.”

There has been no decision yet on whether the uniform allowance should continue or not.


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    It Matters Not What Type of Jackets The Punjab Police Rank and File get,The punjab Police Has a Legendary Past.But a Lacklustre Present and Future Excluding A Very Small Minority Of Officers who Are doing Some fine work.The Rest Are Corrupt and Not Fit for Purpose Just like The Badals Fake Akali Dal And Two Faced Jan sanghs Toeing There False Line.
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    Oct 3, 2016 at 10:11 am