Catholic nun found dead in a well at convent in Kerala

Police identified the victim as Stella Maria, 35, a member of the Sacred Heart convent at Uluppuni near Vagamon

Written by Shaju Philip | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: December 2, 2015 1:34 am
idukki The incident took place in Kerala’s Idukki district.

A Catholic nun was found dead in a well at her convent compound at Vagamon in Kerala’s Idukki district on Tuesday morning.

The police said initial probe indicated that Liza Maria, 42, of Sacred Heart Convent, committed suicide. A case of unnatural death was registered.

Quoting the convent authorities, the police said the nun, a teacher at a Church-run school, had gone to bed on Monday night at 10 pm. As she did not turn up for prayer at the convent chapel in the morning, other inmates found the nun missing from her room and the door of the kitchen ajar. They noticed the nun’s slippers in the compound leading them to search in the well. The body was later fished out from the well in the presence of the police and revenue officials.

The police said the nun had been under medication for back pain and had been depressed for last few months. She had moved to the convent at Vagamon two months back.

The police also said her family hasn’t so far raised any suspicion about the involvement of any external elements in the nun’s death. The family members too had indicated that the nun had been gloomy in the recent months.

Kerala nuns unhappy: Church study

A Catholic Church study held in 2009 had found that 25 per cent of nuns in Kerala were not happy with their way of life. Many are disillusioned and battling unfulfilled desires and bitterness in life, says the study, conducted by Fr Joy Kalliyath, then a researcher at Nagpur University.

The study was conducted against the backdrop of reports that 14 nuns had committed suicide in Kerala from 2000 to 2009.
Besides, incidents of nuns eloping with priests or laymen have been on the rise.

The study says many nuns think seriously about the path they have chosen only after becoming a nun. Suicides and elopement are symptoms of the crisis that has engulfed the religious congregations. Some nuns are also choosing to go out of the convent and live alone, it adds.

Besides, consumerist mentality is also playing havoc with religious life. The glamour of luxury is affecting convents and monasteries very badly. It can slowly kill religious life, the study said.

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  1. Francis Monteiro
    Jun 17, 2016 at 6:32 am
    Jesus so loved the world that he laid his life for us .Our prist love world so much that they do not care life/death but contribution to Church fund .Tommorow we will de denied burial if we do not show church fund receiptYou are the tree and cardinal bishops are trunk and we are branches.Then why we lay people rights are not considered by Mumbai churchlt;br/gt; Govt gives receipt for every penny paid the Holy Fathern why Church do not give receipt for contribution to M,Donation Certificate issued etclt;br/gt;From last several years I am fighting for transparency in Funds collected by Church .Mumbai Church is full of news about land selling to builders,demanding donations,Not giving records of fund collectedlt;br/gt; Why Holy Father instead of giving instruction does not come heavily on those who go against Church teachings.Why we are tutored like child that God is merciful and we can go on sinning The first trunk part that will crack is Mumbai;br/gt; My Church Nativity of Lord kandivali east Mumbai collects building fund of rs two lacks from public every month .The priest refuses to give balance sheet showing where cores from last seven years or more kept .We want to know which banks hold this money .We want expenditure /income details from start of fund.This father has completed five years then why he is not transferred .Should I believe their are God Father?Our Church is closed full day on Monday ,No m.Why one istant not given to this church as we have seven hundred;br/gt; We take morcha,candle light ,pray ,posters ,pilgrim walh then why not one soul speaks when priest go wronglt;br/gt;The contribution to fund is voluntary but they have made compulsory by closing nose saying no minority/baptism /marriage certificate be given unless latest receipt of contribution to fund is shownlt;br/gt; Holy father has to act against Arch bishop as my letters fall on deaf earlt;br/gt; Father This same priest shouts against corruption of Govt but what he is doing by hiding facts.We can preach many good but can we be hypocritlt;br/gt;WE can arrange yearly picnic yearly party and what not then why not annual general body meeting to discuss accounts and other agenda
    1. A
      Dec 1, 2015 at 10:15 am
      Catholicism and nunnery should be monitored very closely, not by others, but by the Suriani Sabha as a w(Syrian Marthoma, Orthodoxy,Yacobaya) .Catholicism is the western weed inside the yrian people's congregation and one doesnt know if this is a Suriani Catholic Church or a Vatican one.Before, at the behest of the Imperialists, they had eliminated many yrian Patriarchs and Deacons who had tried to keep in touch with the Kerala settlements.There is no concept of female piety in the Suriani Sabha(System of Administration or Faith) and therefore women are not involved in these activities.As it is, the pedophiles are creating shame all over the world, now this shame is repeating in Kerala.Sister Abhaya for starters and now this.Female nunneries should be banned by Oomen Chandy and the Suriani Sabha which exerts considerable control over Kerala politics and therefore we must bring out a law protecting the rights of Womenmon money pools can be made to help employ unemplo women.Joining a Catholic nunnery(AKA Dungeon) is not a solution that can be offered on a plate.I would demand the complete ban of Nunneries.
      1. H
        Dec 1, 2015 at 7:09 am
        Last time when a Nun was murdered, the church simply hushed up the issue "thinking" that it was normal death. Subsequent revelation by the killer himself have not lead to any investigation. However when a thief tries to steal some money from the church it is stated as intolerance.
        1. G
          Dec 1, 2015 at 9:41 am
          Trolls who have responded to this article reflects the kind of followers BPP / RSS has - MORONS TO THE CORE. When the likes of Madam Irani is the best intellects they have, one doesn't have to read the comments from the followers.
          1. R
            Dec 1, 2015 at 12:23 pm
            LOL, a ch..tiya who worships Rahul baba and think that virgins can give birth is questioning other people's intellect?
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