Burari: Instead of helping dying woman, onlookers beat up accused, shows video

Karuna’s brother Manish said none of the onlookers had stepped forward to help when Malik attacked his sister.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published:September 22, 2016 3:49 am
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A day after a woman was stabbed 27 times by a stalker in a crowded market in Delhi, a video made minutes after the attack revealed the shocking apathy of the many onlookers, who did absolutely nothing to help 21-year-old Karuna as she bled out.

The 28-second video was, incidentally, recorded by one of the onlookers. It showed that those at the spot started beating up the accused, Aditya Malik alias Surender Singh, while Karuna lay in a pool of blood on the ground. Her feeble appeals for help went unanswered, the video showed.

Karuna’s brother Manish said none of the onlookers had stepped forward to help when Malik attacked his sister.

“I was shocked when I saw the number of people at the spot… none of them came forward to help my sister. My cousin Neha, who was with Karuna, was screaming for help. But instead of helping her, they remained mute spectators,” said Manish.

“It is unbelievable how a man could attack and stab a woman so many times, in front of so many people. Even if one of them had reacted in time, my sister would have survived,” he said.

Agreeing with Manish, Deputy Commissioner of Police (north district) Madhur Verma said, “Instead of rescuing Karuna, the passers-by just watched silently as the accused attacked her. Had any of them reacted in time, the attack could have been thwarted.”

Meanwhile, early on Wednesday, angry family members of the victim refused to cremate her and kept her body, on a busy road in Burari, as a mark of protest. They also held protests and blocked the road, leading to traffic snarls in the area. It took police almost two hours to bring the situation under control, said a senior police officer.

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“The family members demanded that the killer be hanged… they refused to cremate the body. The protest affected traffic movement on the Outer Ring Road… some miscreants even attacked police by hurling stones at them. Teams from other police stations were called in to control the situation. The matter was resolved and Karuna was cremated by her family members, in the presence of Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (north) Esha Pandey,” said a police officer.

In the evening, the victim’s family members held a candle-light march to demand stringent punishment against the accused. “Police have not done anything yet. Two men, who were with the accused, are still on the run,” said the victim’s uncle Vijay Kumar.