BJP member slams Nepal, says it’s seeking to threaten India on China’s support

Dubey said the porous border has turned Nepal into a "nerve centre" of anti-India forces which was witnessed also during the IC 814 hijack incident. Besides, India faces the problem of counterfeit currency

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published:May 11, 2016 4:35 pm
 nepal, nepal government, nepal crisis, nepal envoy, nepal recalled envoy to India, India Nepal ties, Indo Nepal,  BJP on Nepal, Nishikant Dubey, Nepal news, world News BJP MP Nishant Dubey alleged that despite being “weak”, it was “threatening” India with the backing of China.

A BJP member in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday  mounted a sharp attack on Nepal, saying that despite being “weak”, it was seeking to “threaten” India due to backing by China.

Raising the issue during zero hour, Nishikant Dubey also made a strong pitch for erecting a fence along the Indo-Nepal border like the ones along the boundaries with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Noting that Nepal has recalled its envoy to India, he alleged that it was a “conspiracy” to send back the Indian envoy in Kathmandu.

He claimed that Nepal was tilting more towards China, which has been instrumental in spreading a “red corridor” from Pashupati to Tirupati in India. He alleged that despite being “weak”, it was “threatening” India with the backing of China.

Dubey said the porous border has turned Nepal into a “nerve centre” of anti-India forces which was witnessed also during the IC 814 hijack incident. Besides, India faces the problem of counterfeit currency

His remarks including dubbing Nepal as “weak” were protested by several Congress members led by Jyotiradiyta Scindia, who reminded the ruling party that one does not speak in such a language about a neighbouring country.

This led to counter protests by the BJP with Dubey alleging that the “wrong” policies pursued by Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi towards Nepal created the problem.

Hitting back at Scindia, Dubey reminded him that Rajiv Gandhi had once effected blockade against Nepal creating problem for the Himalayan nation.

The attack came in the backdrop of a slide in Indo-Nepal ties in recent months. The visit of Nepal’s President Bhidya Devi Bhandari to India was recently put off.

Her government cancelled the trip amid the internal political turmoil in Nepal.

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  1. H
    May 11, 2016 at 6:47 pm
    Nepal is a stable country only Indian ruling elites and couple of Bihari immigrants of Nepal are trying to portray Nepal as instable country. Its India's failure by blocking Nepal border and consquently China became successful in Nepal. Nepalese no more wants to be blind follower of India as India always made Nepal poor, weak and underdeveloped by exploting Nepal. Nepal need a second transit which China provided according to international law. Now its right time to regulate Nepal India border by using pport and visa.
  2. S
    Sameer Pathak
    May 11, 2016 at 12:52 pm
    BJP should now correct its policies for Neighbouring country dia only have Nepal as a good neighbour and should not let it tilt towards china
  3. S
    May 11, 2016 at 12:49 pm
    Bjp has turned mad. I guess mr oli ji is only the person who can counter modi ji in terms of funny speech and shrewed diplomacy. Timing has been so so correct for oli being pm of nepal. Had it been nepali congress by now nepal would have been in pieces. Anyways we are eagerly waiting for next general election to show true power of people's will and power. Till then we wont talk or react to such funny speeches. All the very best to our indian friends who will have to face such funny and shrewed politicians in many days to come.
  4. S
    May 11, 2016 at 1:08 pm
    You just heard anti india song in nepal. But we have been hearing anti nepalese songs since long long ago from india. At time when maoist were labelled terrorists by nepal, they were allowed freely by india to plan and execute their operations in nepal from delhi or any other indian city. India must understand general nepalese, atleast we dont allow terrorists like laskhar or whatever their name is in nepal to operate against india. We dont do or show inhumane behaviour as india did by blockading supplys. We still feel relationship between nepal and india is very special and china cannot or will not be allowed to take india's place in common nepalese heart. But till when ? Till how long..? We cannot be always at the receiving end. We must be treated fair.
  5. S
    sachin jha
    May 12, 2016 at 12:25 pm
    Sir the fact is now after things are said and done, Nepalese look back and are not able to wrap their head around to the fact why the war like blockade were imposed to them by the country they always loved, stood beside proudly for sports, movies or international influence like their own. Given the situation each individual had to go up until now due to cutting the supplies, it is just hard to trust. Sure there were 2 blockades in the past but it was over 25 years ago and more over faced by earlier generation.
  6. S
    May 12, 2016 at 2:30 am
    Mr. Dube, abe are you crazy or what? Said the Nepali in a manner the great Indian political would understand. Nepal tilting towards China, well I think India has made a deliberate effort to push Nepal towards China. IC 814 hijacking okay fine, yes a security laps happened an Indian Citizen died an unfortunate incident. Amritsar temple storming (blame it on the Nepali), Meghalaya and am ethnic cleansing (blame it on the Nepali), harbouring political dissidents and creating political upheaval in Nepal (blame it on the Nepali) and of course defending India's borders projecting indian politicians and sacrificing Nepali lives both in the Indian Army and the police, bloody Nepali. Sir we don't beat up our dalit children striping them naked like they do in Rajistan, we allow women into our temples and places of worship, we are more secular than india ever was and ever will be and finally our men don't rape women in streets of our cities as if it were some kind of sick sport (and have the audacity to blame in on the women). If, Mr. Dubey is trying to say that India should put its fists over Nepal and forcefully gain Nepalese respect towards India then well i think he is suggesting to use a hammer to conduct a open heart surgery. Might be effective but how it is going to be possible and the repercussions that arise will be more harmful them good. So sir, I apologise to you ( a democratically elected representative of the indian people, from he worldlt;br/gt;s largest democracy), sorry for being a sovereign independent country and acting for its national interest which is providing food, shelter and water to its people.
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