Anti-India acts cannot be tolerated, say Rajnath Singh, Smriti Irani on Afzal Guru ruckus at JNU

The Home Minister said he asked the Delhi Police to take "strongest possible action" against those who were allegedly involved in anti-India acts.

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published:February 12, 2016 12:57 pm
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Talking tough, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday warned of “strongest possible” action against those involved in raising anti-India slogans at an event in JNU campus here, saying such activities will not be tolerated.

“If anyone raises anti-India slogans, tries to raise questions on country’s unity and integrity, they will not be spared. Stringent action will be taken against them,” he told reporters.

The Home Minister said he asked the Delhi Police to take “strongest possible action” against those who were allegedly involved in anti-India acts in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus recently.

Union Human Resource Development minister Smriti Irani also said “nation can never tolerate any insult to Mother India.”

A group of students on Tuesday held an event on the JNU campus and allegedly shouted slogans against the government and the country over the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru in 2013.

The event occurred despite varsity administration having cancelled the permission following a complaint by ABVP members, who termed the activity as “anti-national”.

Delhi Police on Thursday registered a case of sedition in connection with the event following complaints by BJP MP Maheish Girri and ABVP.

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  1. S
    Feb 12, 2016 at 7:41 am
    4 Actions required: (1) Identify the anti-national-sloganeers, and slap a case against them that denies them (2) Change their pport status to "immigration check required"(3) Stop govt . funding to any NGO these people are part of (4) draw up a list of JNU alumni who work in western nations/MNC's to expose the leftist hypocrisy ...
    1. I
      IML sood
      Feb 12, 2016 at 10:59 am
      See a worthy and strong HM.This country can not tolerate disrespect to its Honour. We saw Cong. HMs also but after Sardar an iron-willed HM suits our Nation as lot of laxity has been shown by successive Govts. on security,safety,honour and pride of the Nation.
      1. R
        Feb 12, 2016 at 9:24 am
        How does a cult from Arabia lay claim to any other land?
        1. R
          Feb 12, 2016 at 10:14 am
          While Indians are mourning the death of hero Hanamanthappa, the anti-nationals are claiming that jihadis Afzal Guru and Ishrat Jahan are martyrs. Our brave soldiers bear inhumane conditions, to defend India's borders, ensure that Kashmir forever stays with us where it belongs, and ensure that India is forever the land of the free. Meanwhile, traitors within our country who only have the right to breathe because of martyrs like thappa are chanting in supports of jihadis who murder our military.
          1. K
            Feb 12, 2016 at 3:06 pm
            Hehehe....It is funny to see how Modi Government is EASILY getting TRAPPED in oppositions trap. Cool. Delhi church, Dadri, Award Wapsi, Rohith and now JNU...all these campaigns are orchestrated to Discredit Modi govt. Opposition very well know that BJP_RSS cannot control themselves from proving themselves as THE SOLE DESH BHAKTS. Opposition wants BJP to waste their energy on dealing with such issues.
            1. A
              Feb 12, 2016 at 8:02 am
              Rajnath Singh,Home Minister must know that in stan when Indian Flag was raised, hewas sent to jail next day for ten years immediately.Whereas in India after raising slogan against India and Pro-stani slogan no action taken against culprits.That is why every time whether it is in Kashmir or at JNU such pro-stan slogan is being raised.It is really shame on the part of govt for its inaction and Parties which support such students.No respect for nation but simply votes bank politics.
              1. M
                mohammad imran
                Feb 12, 2016 at 7:47 am
                It is time for Rajnath Singh and Smirti Iran to tell all students "You are not allowed to think"! "You are not allowed to express any opinion!!" and there is no freedom of thought and speech for you.
                1. G
                  Feb 12, 2016 at 10:49 am
                  few people commenting here give explanations for ur thoughts and stop abusing people and calling names... having said this JNUSU ACT IS CONDEMNABLE AND THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE TRIED IN COURT.... enough of this azad kashmir drama, what they really want is a theocracy in kashmir for muslims!
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