Ally BJP seeks to lower heat: Can’t move NIT out of Srinagar, don’t trash J&K Police

"Demand to shift NIT (Srinagar) is out of line, 3000 J&K cops have died for Flag," says Jammu and Kashmir's Deputy CM Nirmal Singh.

Written by Nirupama Subramanian | Srinagar | Updated: April 10, 2016 6:46 am
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Jammu & Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh said on Saturday that the demand by the protesting non-Kashmiri students at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) was “not worth raising, let alone worth hearing”, and that the state government was taking all steps to ensure the security of the students.

Nirmal Singh told The Sunday Express in an interview that ultimately, it was the J&K Police that would continue to have the responsibility for maintaining security at NIT, and that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) were temporary measures taken immediately after the police lathicharge on campus.

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The deputy chief minister along with Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar, a specially deputed two-member team of the union HRD Ministry, and senior police officials held a marathon six-hour meeting with 11 NIT students on Friday evening.

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Nirmal Singh, whose BJP is in coalition with the PDP in the state, said the students had “built-up” grievances over the years, which had burst out during the India-West Indies World T20 semifinal on March 31. He described the incidents, where some Kashmiri students and others were beaten up for supporting the winning West Indies team, and the subsequent lathicharge on campus as “unfortunate”.

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The students had no wi-fi on campus, curfew hours were strict, the buildings were not being maintained properly, and there were frequent power cuts. Singh said steps were being taken to address these issues, and expressed hope that things would return to normal soon.

The deputy chief minister said the students’ demand that they be “evacuated” from the campus, and that the NIT be shifted out of the Valley were not under consideration.

“I don’t know from where this word evacuated has come, as if the place has come under floods. As far as shifting the institute out of the Valley is concerned, I have made it clear that this is not a demand worth raising, let alone worth hearing. I have told them this demand is out of line. Second, the HRD team has categorically conveyed that there is no chance of migration [to any other institute]. Whatever other issues there are, including security concerns, are the state government’s responsibility. I have taken personal responsibility. I have given them my word, they have my personal phone number, they can call me anytime,” Nirmal Singh said.

He said the students’ complaint about the J&K Police being “anti-national” was not valid, and that this had been conveyed to them in unequivocal terms.

“We told [the students] that just like it’s your flag, it is also our flag and the flag of J&K Police. Our DIG was sitting there, he told them that 3,000 policemen have laid down their lives, become shaheed for this same flag. Three thousand is not a small number. J&K Police is fighting for the national cause. Just for one incident, giving the J&K police a bad name is not on. The Tricolour is respected here by policemen and others. They salute the flag,” Nirmal Singh said.

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  1. C
    Apr 10, 2016 at 2:35 am
    RSS and their ilk have underestimated the power of the idea of India.
    1. F
      Firoz Alam
      Apr 10, 2016 at 8:13 am
      The deputy CM is expressing his views with full faith that JandK is separate from India. He requests to lower pitch on issues that are aggressively raised by his party nationally. His party loses credibility on this point. It was Modi's poll promise that JandK be integral part of India like other states. Now why U turn ? If dousing fire is main concern why supplying oxigen to keep it living. Uniting JandK is distant talk, dividing people on religious and caste line have become the main focus of his party.
      1. I
        IML sood
        Apr 10, 2016 at 11:05 am
        Seen some Pappu's and Cong. slave like G yearning for them when Cong existence is in danger.Such low level thinkers have done more damage to the progress of the nation than any other factor.Well said Dy CM, genuine demands of the students are sure to be fulfilled.
        1. S
          Satendra kumar
          Apr 9, 2016 at 11:44 pm
          The insute is mostly for Jammu and Kashmir students mostly locally who want to gain higher education or short course s for the state for foreign and other states students the state government is very mercy and goodwill gesture for accommodating other students.
          1. B
            Apr 10, 2016 at 12:42 am
            Nirmal Singh is handling the situation with maturity and sternness. Well done!
            1. D
              Apr 10, 2016 at 1:31 am
              It's easier said than done, but pro Indian students should dig-in the campus and continue their studies. Moving the NIT campus out of the valley would be a moral victory for the separatists. Having said it, Nirmal Singh must ensure that no pro Indian students is harmed by separatists in any manner and the professors/faculty who are giving tacit support to the separatists must thrown out at the earliest!
              1. D
                Apr 10, 2016 at 1:37 am
                What rubbish!! All NITs are meant for students from the w country and not for the state in which that NIT is located. PS: it is being run by the exchequer's money and each student pays fees! JandK govt is not doing any favor to run this premium insute.
                1. T
                  Apr 10, 2016 at 5:32 pm
                  Nirmal Singh is doing the right thing by defying perpetrators who had said - Bharat ke tukde honge . You have to act according to the location and situation. If only politics was a straight game of ludo, people like Firoz Alam would be Einstien. The ruling party keeps ruling, others keep muling. Kashmir would definately be a hot spot for civil war for anti-nationals.So keeping it out of their hands is a priority.
                  1. H
                    Harish Suryaanshi
                    Apr 10, 2016 at 8:24 am
                    All Kashmiri Pandit Hindoos should raped and lynched by Kahsmiri Muslims. These Kashmiri Pandit gaaundu hindoos have been creating problems all across India, including Kashmir. Since Indira hi/Nehru regime, the hindooos created a bogus Kashmiri Pandits canard issue to continue to occupy Kashmir land.
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