Kota suicide: Before jumping to death, teen apologises to parents for not living upto their expectations

Kota suicide: Aman Gupta, a class 11 student from Bihar, made a video where he apologised to his parents before jumping into the river.

By: PTI | Kota | Updated: October 15, 2016 6:01 pm
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In yet another case of suicide by a coaching student in Kota, a 16-year-old medical aspirant from Bihar has killed himself by jumping into the Chambal River and left a video message for his younger brother asking him to work hard to fulfill their parents’ dreams. Aman Gupta, a class 11 student from Radhopur in Bihar, jumped into the river from the Hanging Bridge on Thursday afternoon, Rafiquedeen, SI, RK Puram police station said.

He had taken admission into a premier institute this year and was preparing for NEET. He was staying at a rented accommodation in Mahaveernagar II area. Before taking the extreme step, Aman made a video clip with his mobile phone at the Bridge apologising to his parents for his action and for not being able to do what they had expected of him. He also appealed to his younger brother, Chhotu, to study hard to fulfill their parents’ dream, the SI said.

He said, Aman had left his room around 9 AM on Thursday and made calls to his friends around 1 PM informing them of his decision. His friends rushed to the spot and immediately informed the police also. After a rescue operation by the police and RAC personnel, the body could be recovered late in the evening, the SI said, adding that Aman’s footwear and his mobile phone were recovered from the place.

According to sources at his coaching institute, Aman was doing well in studies. “Aman was a brilliant student and his study records show he has scored over 80 per cent marks in the tests conducted by the coaching institute,” said an official of the institute. Another medical aspirant from Chattisgarh, Abhishek (17), had on September 28, committed suicide by jumping from a hilltop in Gaparnath area.

This is the 14th suicide case by coaching students this year in Kota since January, despite several measures being taken to check such incidents. Around 1.75 lakh students from across the country are taking coaching for various competitive exams in science stream at different coaching institutes in the city.

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  1. A
    Oct 15, 2016 at 3:13 pm
    What we have in Kota is a suicide epidemic.Children studying in school are not mature enough to handle the pressures of living alone and studying in the highly compeive atmosphere of Kota .No wonder they go into depression and opt for suicide.Parents should not send their children outside the home at such an early age.Children in the 16-18 years age group are highly sensitive to the pulls and pressures of a compeive environment.They need love and care from their parents and a supportive environment .Parents should not force them to do what is beyond their capacity .As a parent I am worried of this trend because I am also the father of a boy of this age group.As a social scientist I think that the cut throat compeion in modern society at the cost of leisure hours, socialization , and most importantly , values, lead to suicide among teenagers .Disvalues in the shape of depressive thoughts, desire to die, etc.are killing our brilliant youth .Parents should not force their aspirations on their young children .If we allow them to study what they want ,they will prosper.My daughter , Archi, wanted to study fashion design.We did not object .Rather we gave our full support to her to fulfill her dreams.And she came out in flying colours. She got two awards at her insute ,NIFT , Chennai.Archi is now a qualified fashion designer working in the area of haute couture.lt;br/gt;ANIRBAN BANERJEElt;br/gt;Professor and head of the Department of Sociology,lt;br/gt;The University of Burdwan,lt;br/gt;West Bengal,lt;br/gt;INDIA
    1. R
      Rajeshwar, A.P.
      Oct 15, 2016 at 5:39 pm
      Blind by birth, crippled by birth, totally disowned by every one, some of them not only lived merely like foam on water, smoke in the air, but did something useful to humanity. Why? There were not caught by modern media totally. They analysed, or paid heed to words of wisdom. Let ever boy and girl write on paper and submit to the elderly as to what they wish, dream, and achieve, and then see what happens. There will be no suicides. They will realize that life is a blessing and not a curse.
      1. B
        Oct 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm
        We are living in the age of unrest . It is not because of the Oxygen is reducing , it is because of the compeiveness and huge expectation of the parents in modern era. Talent worshiping has reached such a height now the people of lesser talent feels as if they have done a crime and do not deserve the right attention of others. What a bad situation we are going through. Where is the humanity? What is the value of life ? I strongly feel the Bhagavat Gita is missing in our country. I feel sorry that One Govt had made such policy that People feeling ashamed if anybody refer any religion action. Religion has become so sinful act now by very mention of it ,will make you outdated, backward or communal after all without thinking the merit of the point you rise. I pray to God to help us. I pray to god to make us understand the value of life , to understand the goal of life. If we understand the aim of life properly ,then this incident definitely will be reducing drastically no doubt.
        1. N
          Oct 15, 2016 at 1:36 pm
          Everyone of these deaths have to blamed on the government past and present for creating a situation where unless you work very very very hard and are very intelligent and academically orientated you will never get a good job.
          1. M
            Oct 15, 2016 at 10:45 am
            My advice to parents who have children of Aman's age --- PLEASE LET YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER GROW UP TO BE THE PERSON THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE. DO NOT TRY TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS THROUGH THEM.For they are not you. Like every parent you may be wishing the best for your child -- but consider IF what you have in mind is where his/her flair lies. What you should wish MOST for your child is happiness through out life. One cannot live a full life if one is not happy. Nor can one be happy if one is not engaged in a occupation of his/her choice.And finally my heart bleeds when I read news of this kind.
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