India can help US ‘keep an eye on Pakistan’, says ambassador Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley said Donald Trump has taken a "tougher approach to Pakistan harboring terrorists."

By: Express Web Desk | Washington | Updated: October 18, 2017 11:10 am
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US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said India can help America “keep an eye on Pakistan” to ensure that it can be held accountable for harbouring terrorists.

“That is going to be really important in making sure that we hold them accountable, because we are at a point where we kind of laid the ground work that we need to see better partnership from Pakistan. We can’t continue to see them harboring the terrorists. We have to see something change. India is going to witness that. India is going to help us with that,” Haley said, while speaking at an event organised by US India Friendship Council.

Haley said Trump has taken a “tougher approach to Pakistan harboring terrorists.”

“Pakistan has been a partner to the US at times. We value and respect that. But, we cannot tolerate this government or any other government giving safe haven to terrorists who target Americans. This new approach will require understanding and restraint from both Pakistan and India,” she said.

Underlining President Donal Trump’s new strategy for combating terrorism in Afghanistan and South Asia, the US, she said, is looking at India to help them more in extending economic and development assistance.

“We are really going to need India’s help in Afghanistan. They are the good neighbours and partner that we have in the region,” she said.

“So, having them help not only with infrastructure and the aid that they can give towards rebuilding Afghanistan, (They can) also help us to keep an eye on Pakistan,” Haley said.

The Trump Administration is hoping to expand India’s contribution in Afghanistan through a deep partnership, she said.

The partnership between India and America is strong and getting stronger because it is rooted in a shared belief in hard work education family and achievement, she said.

“President Trump said when he hosted Prime Minister Modi on his visit to the US in June that, India has a true friend in the US and it is a friendship based on shared values,” Haley said.

“Working at the UN really brings home how important it is for countries to share our commitment to democracy. Countries that honour and respect a voice of their people don’t threaten peace and security. But, take a look at the countries that are causing most of the trouble in the world. And you will see countries that don’t respect the will of their own people,” she said.

For instance, Haley said, Trump has just announced a new tougher approach to ensuring that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.

“It would be catastrophic for the safety of Americans and the world if Iran became a nuclear power. But India is a nuclear power and nobody gives it a second thought. Why,” she asked.

“Because India is a democracy that threatens no one,” she said.

The US and India have both felt the pain of terrorism and we share the commitment of defeating terrorists and the hateful ideology that motivates them, Haley said.

Responding to a question, Haley said India is a responsible nuclear power.

“We want to show the world that yes there are countries that have nuclear weapon, but they are not supposed to act like North Korea. They are not supposed to manage themselves like Iran,” she said.

Haley also said there was a plan for her to travel to India by the end of this year, she said responding to another question.

“There was a plan, possibly I would go (to India) by the end of this year but there’s another crisis that has come up that will send me somewhere else. But yes, I mean I would love to go back to India,” she said.

“It’s amazing and special for me. I was fortunate to be there a few years ago, for the first time when I was two. And it was as magical as my parents say about it. So I look forward to going back to India,” she added.

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  1. Rabia Javed
    Oct 19, 2017 at 4:44 pm
    What about Indians who are the major source of help for terrorists? Its also been found that the afghan forces themselves have been selling weapons to terrorists. Such reporting and views are highly biased, feelings are mutual.
    1. A
      Oct 19, 2017 at 9:07 am
      US dudes .....pls STOP dramas....nehru family is not ruling INDIA currently and any more in the future , so STOP these dramas !
      1. Das Madhavan
        Oct 19, 2017 at 4:27 am
        A sensible thinking unlike in the past by Americans. " Pakistan had been a partner of the US at times in the past..." Could someone mention any benefit the US had from Pakistan so far ? Musharaf and other Pakistan leaders looted billions of dollars from the US, even while the Pakistan military was giving full security to Bin Laden under their nose, while the whole world was searching for that terrorist in the caves of Afghanistan. What a partnership ?
        1. R
          Oct 19, 2017 at 1:12 am
          Hey you remember the last cold war...its good that this time around india is in place of pakistan. Atleast our indian friends now wont feel left out like they did in the last cold war :-)
          1. S
            Oct 18, 2017 at 6:32 pm
            Well you cannot expect US to support India blindly. What ever they say - for or against - they say it from their point of view. Indian politicos must not be carried and should always read between the lines of American politicos. Today, India may be their friend, and after a decade - once they feel they no longer need us - they will treat us the way they are treating china or Pakistan now. It is just business for them.
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