Hindu mother of man, who was killed over religious conversion, adopts Islam

Faisal had converted to Islam earlier this year while he was in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 2, 2016 4:51 pm
faisal killing, faisal killing malappuram, malappuram muslim man, malappuram islam adoption, kerala religious conversion, kerala faisal killing Faisal, a man in Malappuram district of Kerala who was hacked to death reportedly for his religious conversion

In October this year, Faisal, a man in Malappuram district of Kerala who had converted to Islam earlier this year, was given a piece of advice by a local Muslim cleric: Seek protection from the community. Faisal, who was earlier known as Anil Kumar, had then told him, “After embracing Islam, I have entrusted everything to Allah (God). If they want to kill me, let them.” On November 19, Faisal was hacked to death by a gang of unidentified men on his way to the local railway station to pick up his parents-in-law. Police sources had then said that Faisal could have been targeted for embracing Islam.

A report in The News Minute said Faisal’s mother Meenakshi (56) has also now converted to Islam taking the name of Jameela. She told the website that her religious conversion was a way of getting even with Faisal’s killers.

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The Indian Express had reported earlier how Faisal, who had converted to Islam earlier this year while he was in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, wanted to convert his mother as well. Faisal belongs to an upper-caste Hindu Nair family. When he came to Kerala in August, he had converted his wife and three children, all below the age of 10. Years ago, his uncle’s family had also taken on the new faith.

“He became a Muslim by choice. No one compelled him. It was his decision. But he was not allowed to live.’’ Faisal’s father Krishnan Nair had then told the Indian Express. Some of their relatives were apparently not happy with the decision to convert to Islam.

In Malappuram, where Muslims constitute 70 per cent of the population, Faisal’s death is the second case of a convert to Islam being killed. In 1998, Ayyappan, a part-time temple priest, had been hacked to death, allegedly by workers of the RSS, after he converted to Islam and took on the name Yasir.

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  1. Jai Kumar
    Dec 2, 2016 at 11:42 am
    Upanishads state All roads lead to same destinations. Religion is a shop selling their perception of road maps to eternity. Each claiming his road is the only and correct way.
    1. P
      Pratap Rao
      Dec 4, 2016 at 3:59 am
      Do we need religions? Is God not enough? Who has God? Not those who practice discrimination in the name of caste. Not those who cause the death of thousands in the name of ISIS or Hindutva. Not those who have converted religion into temples, mosques and churches to make money. God is there or God is in those who care, who are compionate, who are sensitive and who see His image in other persons irrespective of caste, cl and gender. That is the essence of Hinduism and all religions. Look at what BJP has done with Hinduism. They are killing it
      1. S
        Sha Nawas
        Dec 2, 2016 at 11:44 am
        Muslims have a clear vision and strong belief about Life after death. Death and its threaten cant deter them even to a slightest possible level. The persons who killed him should realise this and they should also think about their Life after death. Hinduism, Christianity also talks a lot about this phenomena for the simple reason - For every living thing on this planet, death is the only event with 100% sure.lt;br/gt;Man needs to be controlled in all aspects of his life. Even a small child needs to be occasionally threatened from doing mischief. That is why, we have consutions, laws, government, police etc. But man-made laws are with many flaws. That is why constantly amendments are being made to the national consutions. Above all these, the best control for man is his own self control. How to trigger this self control? lt;br/gt;Humans have the unique feature to think and then act. Intelligence of men is a boon as long as it is guided properly. The same can become a problem like HIV, Nuclear Bombs, Terrorism, Climatic Changes etc. This intelligence feature should be governed by some universal laws which is called religion. Religion means Way of Living. Unfortunately, today Man is losing the power to think and act due to the advent of wrong policies and also negligence of His Creator.
        1. T
          Tax payer
          Dec 2, 2016 at 11:43 am
          In Kerala, a net revenue deficit state where people are mostly RiCh GULF NRIs or very poor local farmers, drama like this can be foisted for a few thousands of ruppees....
          1. ABH NMA
            Dec 3, 2016 at 1:05 pm
            "She told the website that her religious conversion was a way of getting even with Faisal’s killers." lt;br/gt;That's one of the (similat types) reasons that people majorly opt for conversion. Disturbed mind/state.lt;br/gt;Oh Yes, number of Muslims might be increasing (on papers) but not sure if there is true Islamic follower living on earth, because if just having born in Muslim family or opting conversion makes you a true Muslim then what was need to write large number of pages of scriptures (Quran,Hadith),How many are following all the commands/Dos-Don’t? It will be funny to say that I am 60% Muslim, I am X% Muslim but not 100%. Is there no consideration of good work and bad works? Ask yourself.
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