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Hardik Patel targets PM: BJP using new techniques so saheb doesn’t lose

Hardik Patel said: “They (BJP leaders) are accusing (Congress vice-president) Rahul Gandhi of doing politics in Gujarat. So why is Modi coming to Gujarat every now and then? Is he coming to spray pesticides in fields in Saurashtra?”

Written by Aditi Raja | Updated: November 15, 2017 10:01 am
Hardik Patel targets Narendra Modi Hardik Patel addresses a public rally in Sarbhan in Aamod taluka of Bharuch district on Tuesday (Express Photo/Bhupendra Rana)

In his first public meeting after the controversial videos went viral, Patidar quota leader Hardik Patel on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP.  Referring to the videos that have been circulating since Monday, Hardik said, “New techniques are being used by them (BJP) to ensure that saheb (Modi) does not lose in Gujarat.”

On Tuesday, more videos surfaced on social media and television channels purportedly showing Hardik Patel “drinking” in company of a girl and three other men.  “Now they have resorted to defame me. I don’t care. My focus is on the fight for farmers and youths. Yes, if they have anything personal against me, I will deal with it. It happens in politics,” Hardik said at a huge gathering at Sarbhan village in Bharuch district.

The BJP, meanwhile, was quick to distance itself from the videos. To the BJP’s charge that he had struck a “deal” with the Congress, Hardik said, “I have not done any sauda (dealings) with anyone. I am fighting with all my strength. I don’t have talent like (Chief Minister Vijay) Rupani and (BJP minister Parshottam) Rupala. I can go to jail, come out and fight again.”

The PAAS leader, whose outfit is in talks with the Congress over the quota demand, said: “They (BJP leaders) are accusing (Congress vice-president) Rahul Gandhi of doing politics in Gujarat. So why is Modi coming to Gujarat every now and then? Is he coming to spray pesticides in fields in Saurashtra?”

He insisted that neither the BJP nor the Congress was “ours”, but “those who speak of our issues and discuss reservation, must be given power”. Accusing the BJP government of failing to address the issue of farmers, he said, “I am learning about your issues here through my visit. I don’t have the talent like him (Modi) to say that I have a long association with every place I visit.”

He also took up the issue of the unsold groundnut, and alleged nepotism in the government procurement of the oilseed. “The government procured yield from those who had settings. You line up trucks at the APMCs, pay the rent and return empty handed to feed your harvest to cows,” he said.

The Patidar leader also did not spare former chief minister Anandiben Patel who was heading the government when he had launched the agitation for Patidar reservation in jobs and education. “In the 1970s, my father drove a car to take Anandiben Patel around Viramgam as no one was willing to lend their cars to her. Today, she has a fleet of cars,” he said.

“When we asked for reservation in education and government jobs, they killed 14 of our youths, tortured our women. They behaved as if we have asked for five CMs of their states,” he said. He accused the BJP of trying to weaken the agitation by booking him in two sedition cases “which has provision for capital punishment”. “If they (BJP) really want to talk of vikas (development), then why do they resort to communalism? What did you do for Gujarat in the last 22 years?” he said. “It’s BJP’s old technique. Lie, and lie with conviction. Repeat your lie and innocent Gujaratis will fall for it and believe it to be true,” he said.

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  1. Ramamurthy Kamakolanu
    Nov 15, 2017 at 5:23 pm
    I wonder how Hardik Patel knew in advance that CDs are coming.There may be a conspiracy from the opposition itself to blame the BJP and cut Hardik Patel to size before seat negotiations,so that he may not place exorbitant demands.
    1. R
      Nov 15, 2017 at 3:32 pm
      Hadikpatel,is coming from patel community,he should elevate his community to make self developed,like brahmins,baniyas.why they need reservations. It is politically motivated,by the selected journalismpeople,who want to play with ourfinancial backwardness,mixing them with castes. You can woo the people,and get sufficient space in bews papers,media.at the same time,the voters areobserving you all.dont disintegrate the respectof indians.
      1. Ash Goody
        Nov 15, 2017 at 1:11 pm
        Tricks of the Dirty Tricks Department!!!!!Sanjay Joshi of RSS was not spared which was proved to be wrong later!!!
        1. S
          Sing is
          Nov 15, 2017 at 12:29 pm
          Modi's CD, remember it?
          1. R
            Nov 15, 2017 at 12:23 pm
            Rahul's widest support comes from those who either: 1) want to break-up India, like the JNU leftists types, 2) or, want to turn India into an Islamic caliphate, like the PFI, as reported by India Today TV, 3) or, want to turn India into a Vatican outpost through massive conversions (read Francois Gautier on that), 4) or, global interests and intelligence agencies that want to stall India's economic rise, like The Economist enthusiastically endorsing Rahul for the PM post. In short, India's and world's anti-India forces are bent upon doing ANYTHING to anoint Rahul as the leader of India. The goal is nothing short of the control of India away from the hands of Mr. Modi, the BJP and the Hindu population. Do some serious research and all I have said will be confirmed beyond the evidence I have already provided. Those who want India to become a great nation have no choice right now and for years to come but Hon. Modi and the BJP. Only these nationalists can make India great.
            1. A
              Ahsan Mohiuddin
              Nov 15, 2017 at 9:19 pm
              U don't have a cons utionally recognized Hindu nationality attributed to India ( or the republic of India , the name under which u r registered with the UNO and its several agencies as world Bank and International monetary fund etc) and u keep talking about a nationality which has a. exclusive, sole, and absolute "Hindu" character and interpreting the term nationality as Hindu nationally and the term nationalism as Hindu nationalism in the context of " country"India " or whenever used with reference to the country " India'. U and the rest of BJP and RSS goons need to realize u cannot deem india to be a solely "Hindu" country by giving political power to a party declaring hindutva to be its idealogy or a party which owes its allegiance to hindutva or by electing individuals belonging to that party to highest political offices such as Modi as PM , Klvind as president, or freaking yogi as CM. They r all holding those offices under a cons ution which declares India secular republic
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