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VHP members booked for wielding swords at golden jubilee celebrations

The rally passed through communally sensitive areas with VHP members wielding swords and daggers.

By: Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: August 17, 2014 8:39 pm
BR17-VHP2 The rally passed through communally sensitive areas with VHP members wielding swords and daggers. (Source: Bhupendra Rana)

The Vadodara Police have booked members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad for brandishing swords and daggers at a rally to mark the 50 years of the saffron organization in the city.

Members partaking in the rally passed through communally sensitive areas at at least two points in the city, wielding swords and holding banners with the message: “Yachna nahi Rann hoga”. With the dates for the bypolls of the Vadodara Parliamentary Constituency already declared and the Model Code of Conduct in place, VHP members violated the rules by carrying weapons.

The rally, comprising of countless motorbikes and cars packed with VHP supporters displaying saffron flags of the organization, passed through the busy market streets of the city, crossing communally sensitive areas on their way.

The members held placards that read, “Yachna Nahi Rann hoga, yudhh mahabheeshan hoga”, and chanted Jai Shri Ram. The policemen deployed to monitor the rally stood mute spectators as the group flaunted their weapons and broke into tandav jigs on the road.

The rally began at the VHP’s Vadodara base in Salatwada area and proceeded to Kothi, Raopura, Amdavadi Pol, Navabazar, Bajwada, Champaner Darwaza, Mandvi, Nyay Mandir and Khanderao Market before concluding at its point of origin, thus covering a four kilometer stretch, including communally sensitive pockets.

Although the organization had acquired permission from the police to hold its rally, coinciding with the festival of Krishna Janmashtmi, cops say no religious or political outfit can be allowed to flaunt weapons during the MCC being in force.

When contacted, Commissioner of Police E Radhakrishnan, who took charge from his predecessor Satish Sharma on Saturday said, “Although we had granted the permission to the VHP for a rally, they have violated the notification that is in place for the bypolls under the Code of Conduct. Our officers have booked members of the organization under Section 135 of the Gujarat Police Act for disobeying the order of the law in force.”

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  1. Drrkd Goel
    Aug 29, 2014 at 1:02 pm
    Now the stan Started Proxy War with India. stan knows well that they cant go for a full war with India as both are nuclear Powers The way the saffron Parivar is behaving in Hindu hub of Vadodara is not good for peaceful existence of All Communities. Mr.Naredra Modi should with iron hands stop the Vadodara VHP Cadres.Now the Islamic terrorists said that they will ruin the economy of India by sabotages in Financial hub cities of India. See how they said that Surat was on their target for a small nuclear blasts. ARE WE READY FOR THIS PROXY WAR BY STAN JIHADI'S IN INDIA? THEY APPOINTED SLEEPERS CELL IN INDIA THOSE WILL HELP STANI'S JIHAD'S INTERNALLY, IF WAR WILL BE THERE IN SHORT TIME.VHP CADRES SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS PLEASE TO FIGHT WITH STAN TERRORISTS IN INDIA / GUJARAT / VADODARA AND GO ON WAR FEONT TO GET RECRUITED IN Indian ARMY AS A WORRIERS THAN AS A TRADERS AND PEACE LOVING PEOPLES OF vADODARA /Gujarat.
    1. R
      Aug 17, 2014 at 3:37 pm
      Now one can easily understand to which audience the honourable Prim eminister was requesting for a 10 year moratorium against communal violence at the independence day speech. The communal forces like VHP/Bajrang dal/RSS are the one to whom the PM requested for a moratorium.But inspite of his request the VHP went ahead with this kind of sword weilding procession ped thro' the sensitive places with provocative slogans. This country should be protected against the forces which are determined to spoil the peaceful atmosphere thereby preventing growth, jobs for youth and eradication of poverty among other important things to do.God save this country from these forces.
      1. R
        Aug 17, 2014 at 5:16 pm
        Police should also be booked for being mute spectators.