Ex-DGP of Kerala T P Senkumar under fire for minority bashing

“If religious conversions happen over love, such things would have taken place in all religions. But such conversions happen only in the Muslim community,” Senkumar alleged.

Written by Shaju Philip | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: July 10, 2017 4:02 am
T P Senkumar, T P Senkumar remarks on miniorities, T P Senkumar remarks on Islam, T P Senkumar remarks on muslims, P K Kunhalikutty, indian express news  Former Kerala police chief T P Senkumar (File)

Former Kerala police chief T P Senkumar, who retired last month, has raised the hackles of political outfits after he made statements against minorities. Targeting Muslims, the former DGP told online publication Samakalika Malayalam in an interview on Saturday: “There should be attempts from within the community to check religious extremism. When speaking about extremism, there is no sense speaking about the RSS. One cannot have a comparison between the RSS and the Islamic State.”

“The problem comes when a Muslim is taught he should do jihad to attain heaven and that jihad is when one converts another into Islam and kills a non-Muslim. Jihad should not be understood by the Muslim community in the manner in which they are understanding it now…,” he said. He said a section of the Muslim population still practised “love jihad”. “If religious conversions happen over love, such things would have taken place in all religions. But such conversions happen only in the Muslim community,” he alleged.

He spoke of “demographic change” and linked it to the alleged “growing Muslim population in Kerala”. “Of 100 births in the state, 42 belong to the Muslim community, which constitutes 27 per cent of the population. The birth rate of Hindus, which constitutes 54 per cent of population, is below 48.5 per cent. The birth rate of Christians, who constitute 19 per cent of the state’s population is 15 per cent. If demography is changing in this manner, what kind of change would be taking place in Kerala in the future? Although the Christian birth rate is coming down, their population is not falling because of the conversions they are doing,” he said.

Senkumar also said he recently saw a video clip of a Ramzan speech which found fault with the killing of men to save cows. “Such speeches would have far-reaching consequences. Action should be taken against them.” On Sunday, Senkumar attended an event of a BJP-backed daily, Janmabhumi, to honour top scorers in school exams. Reacting to criticism against turning up for the event, Senkumar said he had every right to attend an event organised by the newspaper of the party that is ruling the country. The programme was attended by BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi and party legislator O Rajagopal.

Senkumar’s comments triggered widespread protests. Congress ally IUML national general secretary P K Kunhalikutty said:“A person who had held such a top post should not have talked in this manner. Only now we came to realise Senkumar has such a mindset.” Congress MP M I Shanavas said: “He is speaking for the Sangh Parivar. A case should be registered against Senkumar for attempting to create communal hatred.”

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  1. A
    Jul 13, 2017 at 2:43 pm
    The muslim population explosion is alarming in kerala.This is a fact.But what is more dangerous is that you are not allowed to speak about it.If you say it then you are communal.And how can someone equate RSS ISIS.RSS is a sociopolitiacal organisation ISIS is a terror outfit.
    1. V
      Jul 12, 2017 at 2:50 pm
      The IPS Official deserves to be commended for his statements. Unfortunately talking falsehood (is appreciated - despite "satyameva Jayate") thanks to "Aslis" (Raj Mohan Gandhi) playing second fiddle to "naqlis" (Sonia Ghandy). Let more officials speak out truth - it will be good for the country.
      1. R
        Jul 11, 2017 at 11:27 am
        This guy is getting a free ticket to the elections by the RSS-BJP, no wonder he is desperately trying to please his new masters.IS and RSS can't be compared? Both are extreme right wing organisations involved in various terrorists activities with the support of blind religious jingoists.They are two sides of the same coin.
        1. P
          Jul 10, 2017 at 10:51 pm
          The Sanghi infestation of the police forces continues. This is the main reason why muslims are always targets by the police forces. Even in Kerala, things are no different even thought they always try to create this smoke screen. In Kasargod, they routinely harass muslims. Just few weeks back, they arrested muslims on fake charges of "celebrating Pakistan's victory". And now they come up with supporting the "love jihad" bogey. RSS and its affiliates are involved in converting muslim girls in Kerala. But the muslim organisations aren't united in taking actions against this practice. While they conveniently push forward the false narrative of love jihad. They were the ones who came up with these false stories of youths having gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the accused had gone to Iran along with his wife. He had moved in search of opportunities. Anyone with basic knowledge of geopolitics would know Iran is in a war with IS. They trump up false accusations.
          1. A
            Jul 10, 2017 at 10:39 pm
            So speaking against killing humans to save cows is a crime now. This is just another example of the sangh infiltration in kerala police. They have always had an anti muslim slant. When muslims were killed in puthiyathura, hundreds were charged for the Marad riots and false cases were spread in the media. Mosques in Kerala shouldn't talk about justice. Apparently, it is considered a crime according to Kerala police. Charges should be filed against him to spread communal hatred. Where are the UDF nincom s who were supporting him?
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