Actor Dileep sent to 2 days police custody in Kerala actress abduction case

On Tuesday, a day after his arrest, Dileep was removed from primary membership of film artists associations AMMA and FEFKA.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 12, 2017 12:17 pm
dileep, dileep news, dileep arrest, dileep bail plea, kerala actress, kerala actress kidnapping, dileep jail, dileep kerala, kerala news Kochi: Malayalam actor Dileep, who was arrested in connection with the abduction and assault case of a South Indian actress, being produced before the Magistrate court which sent him to 14 days judicial custody, in Kochi on Tuesday. (PTI Photo)

Malayalam actor Dileep, booked for conspiracy in the actress’ abduction and molestation case, was sent to two days police custody by the Angamaly Judicial Magistrate court on Wednesday. The actor, represented by noted High Court lawyer K Ramkumar, had filed an application for bail. While the police demanded Dileep’s custody for three days for further questioning and collection of evidence, the court allowed custody for two days. The actor meanwhile has claimed that he was ‘trapped’ in the case and pleaded innocence.

According to the police’s remand report, Dileep has been booked under 10 sections including conspiracy, gangrape and destruction of evidence. If the conspiracy charge under section 120 (B) is proved against the actor, he may even get a life term in jail. At the same time, it is believed that other sections could be dismissed by way of benefit of doubt if the conspiracy charge is not proved.

Investigative officers will now look to gather more evidence and find out about the involvement of more people in the case. Further arrests are likely.

On Tuesday, a day after his arrest, Dileep was removed from primary membership of film artists associations AMMA and FEFKA. Actors, who had supported him earlier, have distanced themselves from the incident. Mukesh, one of the AMMA members and a Left-backed MLA, may also be questioned in connection with the case.

On the night of February 17 this year, a leading actress was abducted and allegedly molested in a moving car while she was on her way from Thrissur to Kochi. The prime accused in the case, Pulsar Suni aka Sunil Kumar, was arrested days after the incident. Dileep’s role in the abduction came to light after a convict, who stayed with Suni in jail, gave the police new information regarding the case. Suni’s alleged letter to Dileep written from jail and his tapped phone conversations led to the actor’s interrogation. On Monday, the actor was arrested and remanded to judicial custody for 14 days.

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  1. B
    Jul 13, 2017 at 12:44 am
    This old aged advocate who appears for Dileep must think if such incident might have happened to his daughter how he should have felt, money is not everything, there is one supreme power who created him he must always do thinking God sees every thing . In our present system advocates do the job for money, never bothered to for whom they are advocating and the result ,some are accepting only criminal cases because they get more money. Moneyed people hiring Goondas and getting done anything they want to do, then hire clever advocates, those who knows how to fight in the court to save their client, here what is the defference between Goondas and advocates? both are doing for money.
  2. S
    Jul 12, 2017 at 6:20 pm
    I think the (unknown)actress was made to stay in her own home by mutual understanding.
  3. M
    Mohammed Nisham
    Jul 12, 2017 at 6:11 pm
    Welcome home brother! lol
  4. M
    Mohammed Nisha
    Jul 12, 2017 at 6:10 pm
    Welcome home brother! lol
  5. V
    Visuvasi, Kerala samrajyam
    Jul 12, 2017 at 4:18 pm
    Mamooty, Mohan Lal all are the same cases. But some caught by hand rest are hiding in Kerala cinema world Dons !
  6. N
    narayan kutty
    Jul 12, 2017 at 2:59 pm
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    Jul 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm
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  8. G
    Gopal Sriniwasan
    Jul 12, 2017 at 12:19 pm
    The infectious disease of using the services of Underworld Dons to settle scores with fellow artists started from the Bombay Film Industry and finally caught up with the Malayalam Film Industry. Every Dog has its Day and Dileep whose nefarious activities was spoken in Hush Hush voice in the Malayalam Movie Industry but none dared to stand up to Dileep. It required guts and courage of a Young actress to become a whistleblower. Cheers to Women Power
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