Dalit outfit calls for ‘mahapanchayat’ over atrocities; DM, police say it’s not happening

The ‘mahapanchayat’ was being held to raise the issue of “atrocities on Dalits”, said members of the Abhass Mahasangh.

Written by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published:May 30, 2017 5:12 am
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While tension continues to brew in Saharanpur over recent incidents of caste violence, a Dalit organisation called the ‘Aabhas Mahasangh Mission 24 carat’ has declared that a ‘mahapanchayat’ will be held at Numaish ground in Bijnor city on Tuesday, even though the police and district administration maintained they had taken all possible precautions to stop the event from taking place.

The ‘mahapanchayat’ was being held to raise the issue of “atrocities on Dalits”, said members of the Abhass Mahasangh. “We will hold mahapanchayat tomorrow without indulging in any kind of violence…We will discuss the Saharanpur issue and steps to be taken to bring justice to Dalits in the district. Police and administration are not giving any kind of protection to Dalits,” said the organisation’s Delhi president Vijendra Kumar, adding that they work for the community’s “upliftment”. While both the district magistrate and additional district magistrate said they had held a meeting with the key organisers who had assured that the ‘mahapanchayat’ would not take place, the Abhass Mahasangh’s state president claimed the final decision regarding the ‘mahapanchayat’ would be taken on Tuesday morning.

Additional District Magistrate (ADM), Bijnor, Surendra Ram said, “After we convinced them that there is no point of holding mahapanchayat in Bijnor as the incident had occurred in Saharanpur, the office-bearers decided not to hold mahapanchayat. The organisation members have also given in writing that they would not be holding mahapanchayat.”

The ADM further said that Ashu Kumar, the organiser of the mahapanchayat and several other members of the Abhass Mahasangh including state president Jagat Singh had been present at the meeting held on Monday. “The organisation had sought permission and administration had denied it on May 27,” added the ADM. District Magistrate of Bijnor, Jagat Raj, said, “If the organisation still moves to hold mahapanchayat, action will be taken against them. Heavy police force have already been deployed.”

Police too said they had taken all measures including lodging an FIR against nine office-bearers of the organisation on charge of promoting enmity on ground of caste, religion. Moreover, five others, under CrPC sections, have been made to give in writing that they would maintain peace, else they would have to make deposits of Rs 5-10 lakh each.

Pamphlets distributed by the Abhass Mahasangh giving a call for the ‘mahapanchayat’ contained statements against a particular caste, stating that Dalits were attacked and their houses set ablaze in the May 5 violence. “Police are not taking strict action following which Dalits were forced to leave their villagers,” the pamphlet further said.

Prem Veer Singh Rana, station house officer of City Kotwali police station said that since the pamphlets carried messages which could disturb communal harmony, an FIR was lodged against nine members of the organisation under IPC section 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of race and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony).

Among those have been named in the FIR were the organisation’s state president Jagat Singh and members Aadesh Kumar Nagvanshi, Arvind and Ashu Kumar. The organisation’s Delhi-based national president Lal Singh Bhumewalkar could not be contacted.

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  1. O
    Onkar Singh
    May 30, 2017 at 7:30 am
    If the people of this country are forced to take to the streets it will be primarily because of these inept and corrupt administators,who are ever wil to sacrifice their self respect for petty pecuniary benefits the Politicians throw at them. The honest and Officers​of integrity are by far few and they can be counted on the fingers.A few years ago when the IPS and IAS Officers decided to declare their properties in UP only three Officers first volunteered to do so.And one such honest officer was Jasbir Singh from the IPS,who was later on moved out of UP to the central government, because such Officers are an inconvenience to the ru establishment of the day like Mr.Khemka and Mr.Sanjeev Chaturvedi from the I AS and IFS.If Officers on the basis of competence are posted then development work would be noticeable,otherwise the income of the ru MLAs would keeping on increasing in the declaration form to the Election Commission and development would be only on papers!!!
  2. O
    Onkar Singh
    May 30, 2017 at 7:16 am
    If the IAS and the IPS in UP are worth their salt, can they do their job independently without suc bing to the pulls and pressures of the Politicians? They carry the baggage of their Castes on their shoulders despite their educational qualifications.They carry the feudal at udes​ with them and are ever wil to flaunt them to display their new found "feudal powers" long list wiped out by the democratic and egalitarian Cons ution of India which proclaims " We the people of India.." but for the administators it reads as " We the powerful in India..." ( that's how they interpret it in their minds) otherwise they wouldn't have been callous towards the Muslims and the poor and downtrodden of the country.And under the BJP the casteist mentality finds full display when the administators have become the silent spectators​ and the mob has taken over the job of administering justice and punishment as per the law of numerical majoritarianism!!!
  3. O
    Onkar Singh
    May 30, 2017 at 6:58 am
    The Indian Express as part of the fourth estate would have done well to have investigated the Castes the Police Chief and the DM come from.The administration in UP is partisan in UP,had it being doing its job,the roits and the houses in Saharanpur wouldn't have occurred.What relief work has the Administration provided to those families affected by the riots? Nothing,perhaps.The caste organization of those affected by communal casteist mentality can hold a rally to raise questions of negligence on the part of the state govt particular and the central govt general.That right to discussion and stocktaking cannot be taken away from the people.Truly said the British have left,but the colonial repressive at ude has been perfected by the local " Desi" administators to perfection. Educationists,sociologists, psychologists, eminent jurists,must and should "sensitize" these "Rusted frame Administrators" how to do their job with "impartiality" and successfully​ to minimize loss of life.