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Parents ‘kill’ HCL engineer for marrying outside her caste

Written by Janyala Sreenivas | Hyderabad | Published on:March 24, 2014 10:32 pm

Within 20 minutes of reaching her parents’s home on Sunday morning, software engineer P Dipthi was allegedly killed by her father P Hari Babu for marrying a man of her choice.

The father, who used his daughter’s dupatta to strangle her, was allegedly helped by his wife in the murder.

Guntur Police arrested the 25-year-old woman’s parents from near their native village in East Godavari district on Monday, the investigation officer, Circle Inspector Bilaluddin Sheikh, said.

Dipthi, who worked for IT major HCL in Hyderabad, married a colleague, A Kiran Kumar, against the wishes of her parents at an Arya Samaj temple in the city on Friday. She had invited her parents to the wedding, but they had refused to come, their main objection being that Kiran Kumar belonged to a different caste.

On Saturday, however, the parents arrived from Guntur city and allegedly pretended to patch up with Dipthi and Kiran. They invited their daughter and her husband to the family’s home, claiming they wanted to call their relatives and organise a wedding reception.

Dipthi, Kiran and the parents left Hyderabad on Saturday night, accompanied by several of the couple’s friends, and reached Guntur early on Sunday morning.

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