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LKG student molested in Kolkata, school faces protests

State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said he had sought a complete report of the incident from the school authorities.

By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: November 11, 2014 12:21 am

An LKG student of a reputed south Kolkata school was allegedly molested on November 3. The incident took place when children from G D Birla Centre for Education of Ranikuthi were participating in a cultural programme along with students of two other schools at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium.

According to the complaint, the six-year-old girl was molested on her way to washroom by the driver and the helper of a Volvo bus, hired by the school to ferry the students to the venue. The child had complained about the incident to the school maid, who earlier had asked the accused to accompany her to the washroom. She, however, did not pay heed to it, police said.

When the girl returned home, she was bleeding profusely and had to be treated at a private hospital. Her parents met the school authorities with a medical report of the child the next day, but the school allegedly tried to hush up the incident on the grounds that it might tarnish the school’s reputation and also affect the child’s future.

The school authorities had assured the parents of an internal inquiry into the incident and allegedly asked them not to file a police complaint. The authorities, however, did not take any action against the accused, forcing the several parents to protest in front of the school on Monday morning. Initially, the school refused the allegations, but later conceded that such an incident was reported to them.

Vijaya Bharadwaj, vice principal of the school, said, “The aayah (maid) has been suspended, and police have been intimated about the incident. We are also carrying out an internal inquiry.” A press statement later issued by the school said it had conducted a thorough internal probe to identify the offender, but the allegations were found “contradictory”. “The school management is and will continue to extend full cooperation. The school is also making extra security arrangement in all the buses,” it said.

The school authorities also said the matter had been brought to the notice of officials of Jadavpur Police Station. Santosh Pandey, DC (south suburban division) said, “We have started an inquiry. We hope there will be an identification within two days.”

State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said he had sought a complete report of the incident from the school authorities.

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  1. A
    Aditya Gupta
    Nov 11, 2014 at 6:06 pm
    Really this is ridiculous and shamefull the school authorities were trying to hide it. This is what mordern India is!!!!! My own sister rather she is like my daughter and she studies in the same school I am really afraid.. This is why give our kids admission in premier and costly schools.. Excuse me schools if u can take money from us you should also give something to us in return please its an earnest requests because parents have blood in their mouth to teach their children.... This should be an eye opener for you all
    1. G
      GDB alumni
      Nov 14, 2014 at 11:34 am
      Media misinterpretation and sensationalisation is a problem indeed, but, the above article is a cut above.Some of the facts produced here are not just baseless and unsanctioned but, downright regressive and misrepresented.Such partial and exaggerated journalism is highly dissappointing .The girl is not six years but, three years and eight months of age.The bus drivers hired by school authorities were not involved. An ayah, an attendant and the driver from the private transport line were.The girl was most definitely NOT bleeding 'profusely'. Neither was she ever hospitalised. She had been attending school up until Thursday and there are attendance records to support my claim.The parents of the girl did not provide medical reports and are still uninterested at the prospect of medical examination.While, none of these facts can in any way take away from the magnanimity of the incident, it is important to point them out.Furthermore, molestation, child abuse, offense or any such crime are subject to happening anywhere. The road, the streets, the school and even the home. It involves elements of the entire social fabric of this country, aspects of gender sensitisation and culture types.How is the stopping of a school fest an answer to these problems?Every other allegation pertaining to Spectrum is baseless. Food provided is of decent standards and there is no shortage of water or no compromise in health/sanitary concerns of the students.Hiring private transport for sponsered events is widely practised across all schools, colleges, offices and I don't understand how that comes off as 'lack of security.' Each bus has two teachers along with an attendant and a headcount is always conducted before boarding or leaving of buses.I am an alumnus of this school and have experienced three Spectrums, the first one being the foundation year of my school life at age four, till the last one in standard 8, when I was a fresh teenager and I can vouch for the wsomness of every security, health and sanitary measure taken by the school on and off field.Hence the claim of these parents are outrageous and their demands not necesarry to consider.However, whatever incident, if any, has happened with respect to the girl it is extremely untoward. The girl's future is always the school's top priority. But, any ociation of that with the fest is nothing but, a sign of insensitive handling of the matter at hand.Thank You.
      1. E
        Ex-MBSV &
        Nov 11, 2014 at 3:38 pm
        Ms Ex-MBSV student,Even I am from same school & a parent too.Let me tell you this, the so called spectrum is being held at the expense of student not studying for 5-6 months & working so hard under the sun for the so called Spectrum.I also know that one can provide reason for not to partite in Spectrum but you need to provide Medical certificate for which I don't think every one can provide who do not want to opt to partite.We pay such high fees in these schools to give best education to them & not for doing Spectrum. If our goal is to make our child partite in cultural events then better we will send them to Shamak Dawar cles etc.Why send them to such a place for practice where school cannot provide proper security to every child.Also I am aware of how rude teaches & Aayahs are. I would demand a total BAN on Spectrum from this year onwards.You know what, its easy to say that its a rare incident which has happened, but remember this that you are not the parent of that victim & Let me tell you, this should NOT have happened at all in our school.So I am ashamed that this incident has happened in our school & the only punishment for the school is to BAN them to organize Spectrum.The main culprit is the School authorities who should be punished for this!!I really feel for the child & pray that she gets well soon!!
        1. S
          Nov 11, 2014 at 3:07 pm
          Such a shame...Parents should stop sending their innocent kids to such unsafe schools...School is a place where kids get wholistic development not a place where kids should be physically abused..N such incidents bring nothin but mental trauma in kids...
          1. P
            Nov 11, 2014 at 2:53 pm
            This is GD Birla school Kolkata, the incident took last Monday and the matter was supressed by school authorities, in spite of such an incident happened , school continued to send children outdoor without informing anyone. Even the vice principle Vijaya Bharadwaj was rude enough to tell parents that if you do not want to send children outside you can take TC from school. Seriously ridiculous for a teacher to say that. I do not know how they will be making future of children with such remarks. I have been there on Monday during the protest and every parent was convinced that school function ( spectrum ) should be stopped , even requests of non partition from parents were made earlier which was denied by school. Last 8 months they have not even taught for 1 month in the cl. School and police should be taking stringent action so that any such incident do not happen again. The approach by school authorities are really un appreciable and can't be expected from a group like this.
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